A Sustainable Choice: Central Food.

Central Food is the premier restaurant in Spokane with a commitment to good food, sustainability and local products.

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The PNW has many hidden gems like mountains, lakes and breathtaking hikes. While Spokane may not have the tallest mountains or the biggest lakes, they do have amazing food From smoothie bars to burger joints, you can find it in Spokane. Each neighborhood or history district within Spokane provides a different feel but the commonality of dang good food.

We ventured out to Kendall Yards and stopped into one of the their many restaurants; most of which are local, health conscious and DELICIOUS. Central Food is located right off the Centennial Trail as you overlook the Spokane River and Peaceful Valley. You have the choice to sit outside or inside and if that’s too many choices for you, the weather will be your guide. Incase you get lost, turn your sniffer on for fresh bread and you will find you way. Their seasonal menu features local items from nearby farms and ranches around the Spokane area. Most items are made from scratch and their menu has something for everyone.

My time with the owner and chef, David Blaine, was filled with surprises. He created Central Food because…. bread. He wanted Spokane to have good bread that was made with good ingredients then, voila, Central Food happened. David and his staff are passionate about supporting local farmers which is a huge winning point for spotlighting them on the blog. Some of the farms they support are LINC, Caso Cano, Quillisascut, Olsen Farms and Ace of Spades. Blaine believes that sourcing ethically is the Central Food way and they will go a season without greens before shipping them thousands of miles.

“Small farming isn’t always easy but we go through the cycles with them; it’s our duty to the community.”

Blaine’s care for the community and environment carry over onto his menu where you will find housemate kimchi, local produce and quality meat. Central Food caters to gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free. All allergens are clearly marked and you can easily navigate the menu to find a meal suitable for you. They also have vegan and vegetarian options. Blaine’s number one goal is to build relationships with customers. He even created a 100% visible kitchen to support this goal. The restaurant is a place for conversations without dictation. By accommodating all, everyone can come and more memories can be made around the dinner table.

Top sellers.
Korean Pork Sandwich – slow braised pork shoulder (local) with turmeric onions, Sriracha mayo & house-made bread
Diner Breakfast – 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes & toast. It can’t get much better than that + these potatoes are one of a kind!

Can food heal?
“Absolutely, Everyone has to eat but we have stripped it down to something so basic. We are feeding people but what else can you get out of it? The emotional level is what we strive for. We try not to make the food the point. It’s about creating as many positive for as many people are involved.”

Chef’s favorite.
“It’s a rare opportunity that I get to eat while sitting down so, conversation around food is very special for me. It’s the thing I get to do the least so, when I do, I love it.”

Now, you know what’s next, get your bootie into Central Food for some dang good food. I love the Idaho trout with arugula almond pesto. YUM! My husband gets the Casoulette and the Central Food Burger  (it’s 1/2 pound!). Be sure to let them know I sent you and remember to tag @simplholistic when you visit.

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