All My Ladies (& gents who have ladies)

When it comes to healthy living, ladies, what we put up there.. is important too. Guys, make sure your wife, girlfriend, aunt, sister is using safe famine products that are free from GMOs, chlorine and other harsh chemicals!

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Hello hello hello. I have a question for you: have you lacked to care for yourself lately? Think about it. We neglect to cook good food because microwaves are easier. Working out is a thing on the back burner since there are so many “magic pills” to get us to look like the girls in the magazines. There is no reason to read ingredient labels because “we will all die someday”. Well I am here to reality smack ya and get your mind out of that gutter. Those are damaging thoughts that I will not allow you to think of yourself because you are prized and loved.

I am so excited to be writing this post because I have been saving it up for a special time. If you follow me on Instagram you know that I was struggling with stomach issues, missed periods, fatigue, etc. February was the last time I had my period and just a few days ago I GOT IT AGAIN! I can’t wait to share my journey with you guys because I think it can help some of you out. Alright, let’s talk.

Today’s topic is the beloved tampon (& other feminine products). This is something all of us have to go through and if you don’t, please tell me something I don’t know! Wether you have a heavy period or a light period you are always soooo looking forward to that glorious week of the month, can I get an amen… Now the boys may read and RUN but it is good for you boys to know as well! You will someday have a wife if you already don’t. You  either have a mom, sister, aunt or girlfriend & this info I am about to share will come in handy. So don’t click that red X yet, stick around and learn something new. I am sure the woman in your life will be pleased with the knowledge and care you have for her regarding this IMPORTANT information! Learn More

We think of GMOs as being only in food products, but in reality they are in shampoos, clothes, lotions, toothpastes, vitamins, and even feminine products! Tampons are made of cotton which is one of the top 5 GMO crops. This means unless you are buying organic tampons/pads you are most likely putting GMOs directly into your body! There is a fairly recent study noted below that talks about the horrible horrible herbicide used on GMO crops: glyphosate. I am sure you have heard of TSS or Toxic Shock Syndrome, it is a bacterial infection that females get while they are on their periods and are using high-absorbancy tampons.. Ladies, we need to take care of our bodies. If you can’t afford organic tampons/pads there are other options like the cups and washable pads (no thanks) but there is no price you can ever put on your health. Plus, we have cool websites like Thrive and Vitacost where you can get discounted organic feminine hygiene products! Here is my favorite company.

Natra care is a company that I trust enough to share with you guys and that means a lot. I get brands that want to work with me all the time and if they aren’t worthy of your money, time or my approval, I will not work with them. It is nice to have companies that care about more than only money. Natracare has a commitment to your health, my health and the health of the community.

Going along with that, think of all the things that you use and which things are made of cotton! It is actually pretty crazy. Clothing, cotton balls, towels, Qtips, sheets, and that good ol’ TP! I have a challenge for you this week, pick one cotton item in your home and switch over to the healthier option! All these steps lead to a healthier you!!

This post was requested by a friend from Alaska. Feel free to message me on topics you want to hear about. This is for you!

This is hilarious video that I will leave at your discretion to watch. If you or anyone around you has sensitive ears I will just say that you may get offended. I sure didn’t; I died laughing with one of my clients cause we watched it together 🙂






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