Apple Pecan Crisp

We all have those comfort foods that we fear we will have to give up if we start eating healthy. Well, that’s not the case & this recipe will show you just that!

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When you were growing up you had certain foods that made you feel at home. Maybe it was mac n’ cheese, hamburger helper, mashed potatoes & gravy, hot dishes or root beer floats. There is always that one food that will live on forever and make you think of the old days when you were little and there wasn’t a care in the world. Even though I am a health nut, I am all about recreating those childhood memories. I may spice the recipe up a little bit and of course healthify it but nonetheless, they still turn out delicious. The thing that is so great about recreating these old recipes that include margarine, low-fat milk and the all terrible WHEAT (just kidding), is that I can show you that healthy eating won’t rob you of taste or pleasure. Plus, the new recipe is both nutritious and tasty.

This recipe came about in the house that gives sentiment its definition: my husband’s home. He is from a family of farmers in a small town in South Dakota. My mother-in-law and father-in-law have created the most humble abode to raise their kids in and you can still find cookbooks from Campbells, Betty Crocker and grandma! So, I knew I had to create something that could equate to the almighty apple crisp from those cookbooks. This recipe had to be perfectly sweet and perfectly crispy. Oh and how could I forget the ice cream topping. I’d say it took the win because both my sister (picky girl!) and my father-in-law loved it!

You know that I have to talk about the nutritional value of this apple crisp because what kind of nutrition consultant would I be without some pointers?

: As American’s we eat an average of over 16 pounds of apples per person. That’s a lot of apples! You’re probably thinking, “Dang, I will never have to go see that doctor”. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Most people are eating conventionally grown apples which contain a whopping 48 pesticides per apple (yes, the apples were washed)! These chemicals can range from environmental toxins to neurotoxins that effect our long-term health. Not to mention, the workers that are spraying these chemicals, their health is in crisis. So, lets choose with our dollar and buy organic or local apples the next time we are shopping. This will promote health in you, your family and the environment.

Pecans: These delicious nuts are high in the antioxidant vitamin E which is neuro-protective. Gamma-tocopherol is a form of vitamin E that helps to lower the oxidation of the  “bad” cholesterol, LDL. “But aren’t pecans high in fat?” Yes they are but lets remember that fat isn’t bad! Our brain, muscles, skin, eyes & heart need fat to live so get off your dang diet. They contain over 19 essential nutrients and they are naturally sodium-free so go out & buy yourself some nuts! I order mine here & you can get a free gift with your 1st purchase.

Honey: Carbs and sugar and calories, oh my! Don’t be afraid of food friends because we need to have a good relationship with food in order to live a healthy life. Honey is a God sent food and it is so good for you especially if you buy local, raw and unfiltered honey. You can find this at co-ops, farmers markets or friends in your community. This honey contains pollen from your area so it helps to fight off allergies.


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