Local Gem & A Superfood Strawberry Smoothie.

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Jun 21
Finding local gems is my favorite thing EVER! When I get to put them into a smoothie, what could be better? Head over to get your superfood smoothie recipe.

Lions & Tigers & Hemp Oh My.

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Jun 05
Hemp is a super plant that deserves a celebration & a recipe! Come learn about Navita's Organics and why I shop their products.

My Latest Obsession: Berry Smoothie

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Mar 29
Want a powerhouse smoothie? This is the one for you. It is filled with antioxidants, protein & deliciousness. WARNING: You may come running back for more.

Sweet Potato Chili

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Mar 23
Who doesn't love those delicious mouth watering meals that are perfect for BBQs, birthdays, church gathering or just dinner! Head over to see this Sweet Potato Chili recipe in all it's goodness.