ceREAL, not just for kids.

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Jan 25
I am a cereal fanatic and have been since the womb. Mom ate cereal when she was pregnant with me, I ate cereal when I got teeth and I eat cereal now. But wait?! Isn’t cereal bad, not nourishing, empty calories? Why, yes it is, IF you’re eating the cereal my mom ate with me in the womb and the cereal I ate when I got teeth. These cereal would include: *not-so-Lucky Charms *Crackie crisp *craptain

Grain-free Turkey Sammies

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Jan 21
Happy Saturday! This year has already been so busy, eventful and challenging. I have made lots of new changes to my business & website to make it easier for you to find and navigate. I have a separate section for my recipes & for my lifestyle blog posts. Now, you can find just what you’re craving more easily. Don’t worry, I will be uploading the rest of my recipes ASAP and there will be a larger selection.

golden mylk

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Jan 19
I don’t know about you but this cold weather is not my favorite thing in the world. I am a summer girl or a warm-year-round girl (*cough kauai cough*) but I’m not there so, I have to find alternatives to keep warm during the winter. So, I decided to do some recipe testing & I came up with this one. Quick, easy & delicious. This warming turmeric latte is sure to leave your belly soothed & happy. Turmeric