Dairy-Free Huckleberry Cheesecake

What better way to celebrate #nationaldessertday than with this delicious vegan & gluten-free cheesecake! Made with Navita’s cashews and Goldenberries. You can’t go wrong.

Holy. Crap.

It is currently National Dessert Day & we all know I’m celebrating.

Cheesecake is probably the reason most people would never want to commit to a healthy diet. Fear not, I am not asking you to give up cheesecake and I am DEFINITELY not asking you to go on a dam… dang diet. Healthy living is what it’s all about because, unlike a diet, a lifestyle has no end date. Here is a delicious dairy-free cheesecake recipe that will rock your socks off. This cheesecake is packed with delicious flavor, superfoods and has only 6 ingredients!! I don’t think you can beat that.

This cheesecake creation is dedicated to my sweet husband who turned 22! I don’t know about you but after this cheesecake he’s feelin’ 22.

Tools you need.
springfrom pan
food processor
parchment paper
rubber spatula – for licking

Crust –
6 Medjool dates (soaked)
(1) 8oz. bag pecans
2 T. hard coconut oil
dash of cinnamon

Filling –
(1) 8oz. bag Navita’s Cashews (soaked)
1 tsp. lemon juice
2 T. hard coconut oil
1/4 cup Navita’s Goldenberries (soaked)
**optional 1/8 c. pure maple syrup

Topping –
1/2 c. fresh huckleberries
1 T. hard coconut oil

What to do.
-prepare a springfrom pan with parchment paper
-process crust ingredients & press into the pan (in an even layer)
-process all filling ingredients & puree until smooth
-pour & spread over the crust ingredients
-process all topping ingredients & pour over the filling
-sprinkle with Goldenberries & freeze for at least 4 hours

Disclaimer: This post was created in partnership with Navita’s Organics. They provided me with my favorite cashews and golden berries so I could bring you this post. As always, the opinion are mine! Opinions are too priceless to sell 😉

What occasion are you going to make this delicious cheesecake for? I can’t wait to hear what you think. Be sure to share the love and Pin this recipe and share it on Facebook! Here is the link to Nativa’s website with tons of recipes, products and amazing inspiration.



Sending Off Summer With Smoothies.

With fall right around the corner I have to squeeze in as many smoothies as I can. Come see my roundup from the Blissful Bites community!

In Ecclesiastes 3 it says there is a time to mourn and that time is right now. You can join me in this time of mourning our beloved summer. I am a summer girl like a lot of you and when the mornings get chilly and the sun looses its intensity I find myself a little bit bummed! Trust me, I could sit around all winter and mope around but that will get me nowhere so, let’s mourn for a moment and then soak up that fall air. While we still have a few moments of summer left, here are a few delicious smoothie recipes from my ladies over on the Blissful Bites Facebook Group. I swear, these ladies are magic with their blenders.

Golden Mango Smoothie


Low FODMAP Green Smoothie


Strawberry Lemonade Smoothie


Raspberry Pineapple Smoothie


Blueberry Spinach Protein Smoothie


Cold Brew Cacao Smoothie


Cecilias Favorite Berry Smoothie

Click on any of the pictures to get to these amazing bloggers’ websites for the recipes. Be sure to tag me @simplholistic with all of your creations.

I have a special going on for my ultimate guide right now and you don’t want to miss it. Click here to get yours now!

Huckleberry Pie (Gluten, Soy, Sugar-free)

If you are in the Pacific Northwest you know all about the huckleberry hype. If you don’t, it’s basically when the people who usually never step foot outdoors dust off their Chacos, fill their Nalgene water bottle and load up in their Subaru. Regardless of their likeness of the outdoors, I am a super fan of this because it means people are getting OUTSIDE! My husband and I decided to join in on the fun but instead of heading up to the over-picked Mt. Spokane, we opted for a drive up a (long) logging road and a 3-mile hike for our Huckleberries. It was awesome.

Huckleberries are found in Eastern Washington, Northern Idaho, Montana and Alaska. I am sure they are in other places but these are the places I have foraged for them. In Alaska, they are huge like everything else and here in Washington they are smaller than a blueberry. They grow in shaded areas off the beaten path and love to hang out new rivers and other water sources. These berries are filled with Vitamin C, fiber and unrefined carbs. Their leaves are used to treat hypoglycemia in native Alaskan cultures. They are also used to end intestinal putrefaction (farting), stimulate appetite and to regulate bowel movements. The best way to have them is raw, in smoothies or baked into a pie like the one I am sharing today.

Huckleberry Pie/Galette – gluten-free, soy-free, corn-free


½ c. Namaste flour mix
1 ½ c. almond flour
5 T. pastured butter (hard & cubed))
1 large farm-fresh egg
3 T. filtered water


3 T. Namaste flour mix
2 T. coconut sugar (optional)
2 c. huckleberries
dash of cinnamon & cloves

What to do.

-Mix the flours and add in cubes of cold butter and press with a fork or the fancy baking tool that was created for this (haha)a
-add egg and water as needed
-roll into a ball (wrap in plastic wrap) and put in the freezer for 20 minutes
-mix all filling ingredients (except berries) then gently toss in the berries
-remove the dough from the freezer and lay a piece of plastic wrap on the flat counter surface
-roll out the ball of dough and press into a greased pie pan
-pour the filling into the dough & fold over any excess dough
-bake for 20-25 minutes at 350 degree F the broil for 2 minutes (must have that crisp!)

Let’s Quit The NyQuil.

When the flu season comes around it is easy to take the bottle of NyQuil and throw it back. This season, let’s focus on treating the real problem at hand. Come learn about holistic remedies.

Did you know that medications like NyQuil are not actually making you better? Instead, they are masking the illness by (possibly) ridding the symptoms for a short amount of time. Today we will be talking about all things NyQuil and why you should leave it on the grocery store shelf and dispose of what you already have at home. Your liver, kidneys, brain and future health will thank you mucho. If you are here to defend and protect your beloved hyperactive drug, I ask that you find a different blog to visit. Here at Simplholistic we focus on health, wellbeing, and quality of life. + We love the products and practices in life that support the very things listed above.

Getting started.
NyQuil is a sedative drug that is used to lessen the desire to cough and to knock you the heck out. P&G, Procter and Gamble, own this drug along with other known products like Swiffer, Dawn, Febreeze, Gain, Tampax and Olay. It’s a little (a lot) weird to me that the makers of these cleaning products would also own an oral drug to “help” you out when you’re sick. On a side note, Olay uses palm oil that supports deforestation (the home of orangutans) and they seem to have no shame about that. Back to NyQuil, any product that contains NyQuil or is NyQuil contains: alcohol, sedative antihistamines and hypnotics. Killer combo (literally). There’s another ingredients we need to focus on because ignorance isn’t bliss in this case.

Or DXM, is a drug that went up in abuse by 15% from 1999 to 2004. It was first put on the market in the 50s, later removed then later put back on the market under a different name. This drug is 10% alcohol and can actually cause a high which explains lots of my weird childhood NyQuil nights. This chemical takes away your desire to cough aka it masks the congestion that is underlying. When abused or taken in excess, DXM can cause brain damage, seizures and even death. The symptoms of acute use/toxicity are nausea, vomiting, dizziness, insomnia, ataxia, slurred speech, mood swings, perceptual changes and aggression. It can even trigger limbic seizures, depression and psychosis.

DXM is metabolized by the liver. Specifically, a P450 enzyme called CYP2D6. A significant amount of our population happens to have a dysfunctional CYP2D6 enzyme which means we are not even metabolizing these products. Other common drugs like SSRIs and antidepressants also use this enzymatic pathway which increases the chance of negative drug interaction.

The long-term use of DXM can cause liver and brain damage. Overuse causes an irreversible shrinkage of the Cerebellum. This is the part of our brain that controls sensory, motor and integration: balance, touch, feeling, etc. Overuse of DXM can also cause rhabdomyolysis which is high serum protein due to muscular cell death and breakdown (too much protein floating around in our bodies). This, in our, leads to kidney failure. DXM is highly addition. Go figure.

The active ones.
Taking a loot at the active ingredients we see several different long names which leaves us with many questions. The rule of thumb is that if you can’t pronounce it, don’t but it. This rule, of course, has a few exceptions like quinoa, ashwagandha, turmeric and other fun spices. One of the active ingredients is acetaminophen which is an antipyretic (prevent/reduce fever) and analgesic (pain reliever). The body uses three liver pathways to break down acetaminophen. The first two are “safe” but when they become overwhelmed, the third pathway starts to convert acetaminophen into a liver toxin.

The inactive ones.  
The inactive ingredients are enough to make me cringe and only pray that you never give this to your kids again. The toxic combination of artificial dyes, high fructose corn syrup, windshield wiper fluid and alcohol has me asking how a product like this is on the shelf. At least they use purified water though, right? High fructose corn syrup is a no go as most know. It suppresses the immune system which, ironically, is already surpassed. Hence the reason you are taking this medication. Artificial dyes have proven in study after study to cause hyperactivity in children (ADD, ADHD, Autism). If anything, they stimulate your brain in negative ways and send false signals of satisfaction. When I mentioned windshield wiper fluid above, I am talking about propylene glycol. This is in antifreeze and also in our food system. Here is an awesome article on it from Dr. Axe.

Real life.
I was with my family last Thanksgiving in Lake Tahoe and one of my brothers got a little cold and asked my mom to get him something for it. Mom came home with NyQuil and I was like “wait, what?!”. After asking him if he minded my guidance, I began to read the ingredient label to him. Needless to say, after I read the windshield wiper fluid portion, he threw it on the counter and said “Heck no, I’m not taking that.”. He couldn’t believe it and neither can I. I could tell you story after story of my NyQuil nights as a child. This stuff literally made me high/drunk, not sure which one and it surely knocked me out. I always felt trip after taking it. If I fought the tiredness it made for even more of a psychedelic episode.

photo: Kayleen Gill style: White Picket Fence

The goods.
Your are probably thinking that there could possibly  be no good here but there is! That is what is go great about natural medicine and the human body. The body is its own medicine and often times just needs a little boost to get it back into that immune boosting zone. I have included a few natural options for the next time that cold or headache hits.

Lavender oil: perfect for headaches, anti-inflammatory and sinus issues

Lemon oil: great for detoxification and ridding congestion

Peppermint oil: also wonderful in ridding congestion and headaches

You can create a nice blend of these three oils for a cold fighter that’s ready to go when the next one hits.

Sandalwood, Frankincense, Bergamot and Vetiver are wonderful for those sleepless nights. You can apply this topically or aromatically. If you choose to use it aromatically you can put 4-5 drops in an essential oil diffuser and get the good vibes flowing.

Probiotics, coconut oil and slippery elm are all great things to have on hand.  Probiotics help to repopulate good gut bacteria. Coconut oil is antibacterial and antimicrobial and slippery elm feels lovely on the throat when it has a little tickle.

Elderberry Syrup is the syrup I use throughout the winter to keep the nasty bug away from me and my husband. We take a tablespoon a day when it seem like we are getting a little cold and BAM it knocks it right out. You need organic vodka, elderberries and a mason jar to make this syrup. It is fun for us to go our foraging for the elderberries and make it from our own bounty. If you want to purchase some from me, email me and I will get you some! If you want to make it yourself, here is the recipe.

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