ceREAL, not just for kids.

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I am a cereal fanatic and have been since the womb. Mom ate cereal when she was pregnant with me, I ate cereal when I got teeth and I eat cereal now. But wait?! Isn’t cereal bad, not nourishing, empty calories? Why, yes it is, IF you’re eating the cereal my mom ate with me in the womb and the cereal I ate when I got teeth. These cereal would include:
*not-so-Lucky Charms
*Crackie crisp
*craptain crunch
*trix(ed) you into diabetes

Anyways – you get the point – those are filled with GMOs, chemicals, food coloring and preservatives. Seriously guys, lucky charms have one of the same ingredients as paint thinner.. just saying. So, I decided to create a healthy cereal recipe that will satisfy your “childhood” cravings & your health! Made with whole foods that will nourish your body day and day again.

1/2 c. Julian’s coconut flakes or Love Grown Cereal
dash of cinnamon
2 T. flax seed
3 T. hemp seed
1 T of the following:
coconut flakes
carob powder
cacao nibs
1/2 t. spirulina
1/4 c. raisins / fresh berries
*top with flax milk

julian’s bakery is the first to have a grain free cereal out on the shelves; this is a huge accomplishment. not only is it a great thing – they taste so delicious. i may or may not have been ruined from living in hawaii for a year…. i have an extreme.. addiction… coconut.. hey, i think it’s a good addiction! this is such a clean product, yes a little spendy, but as a now-and-again treat, totally fine. think of this: you spend $5 on your super skinny mocha latte frappe so you can spend $7.95 for 10 servings of healthy fuel for your body! caught ya 😉

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