Hi. I’m Ashlee – the founder of Simplholistic.

I want to create a healthy space for you to find nutritious recipes, set achievable goals and be inspired. All of this without sacrificing your time and money.

Simplholistic is my brain in plain sight. You will find content about nutrition manifested in the form of recipes, fitness/health, mindfulness and adventure.

What’s behind it?

By eating real food and removing toxins from my life I felt alive & well. I don’t have to worry about my next doctor visit or the cost of medical bills. Now, I focus on clean eating, holistic living and overall wellbeing.

This lifestyle isn’t something I was born into, it fact, it was the opposite. It was a conscious choice I made to support my health and respect the body that God gave me. Traditional medicine, organic food, mindful workouts and connecting with the earth were the last words in my vocabulary. Now, they are more than just a trendy lifestyle. They are the words I live by and the words I encourage my clients, family and friends to make their own.

If you’re still interested. 

Alaska born and raised but currently living in Washington state. When I am not blogging, I am a local missionary in Spokane with my husband. It helps to keep the perspective real and to remember that we can always walk in grace and light.

  • i’m in love with my husband, Jesus Christ and adventure
  • i will never fall into peer pressure, i’m just not that into it
  • i am obsessed with hawaii because the people, culture, food & nature
  • pet peeve: excuses. if you want something badly enough you’ll do it

I can’t wait to hear more about you. Whether it’s a question, a comment or a hello, drop me a line here.