Lions & Tigers & Hemp Oh My.

Hemp is a super plant that deserves a celebration & a recipe! Come learn about Navita’s Organics and why I shop their products.

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Before we get started I know what you’re thinking? “Hemp?! Isn’t this girl a Christian?” Or, better yet, “Isn’t hemp marijuana?” Well, let me just clear somethings up. The hemp I am talking about today is not marijuana & yes, I do love Jesus. It does not intoxicate you and it doesn’t skew your though process. This hemp fuels your body, feeds your brain and gives you energy. I had to clear this up because when I first started my journey to health my mom would always have a slight panic attack when I told her I put hemp seeds in my cereal, smoothies or salads.

This month is hemp history month and rather than give you a timeline of important dates like when hemp was discovered and why someone was eating random plants, I will give you a little story. We remember those better anyways, right? Right!

Hemp History: Long long ago in a land far away there were farmers who grew hemp crops for more than just food. As far back as 800AD, people used hemp oil and fiber to build boats, pennants and sails. They also used hemp paper for maps, logs and Bibles. There was even a time where hemp was used as currency (don’t try this now!). Now, hemp hasn’t always had a bad rep. In fact, it used to be viewed as a highly effective fuel for diesel engines. Once the petroleum, charcoal and other oil-related industries saw the potential for hemp they started a campaign associating it with marijuana. It’s crazy how natural things from earth can be targeted as “bad” when they are cleaner for the environment and our bodies. That’s about all the history lesson you’re going to get from me so, keep reading for the good stuff.

Nutritional Goods: Hemp seeds a small off-white seed with a green line running through them. They take a nutty flavor and add a delicious pizazz to any simple meal. These super seeds are 30% protein and 30% fat and they include all nine essential amino acids. This is great and allows hemp to be called a complete protein. If you are ever experiencing constipation or hard stools, have some hemp seeds because they are high in fiber and will get things going. Here are a few other important nutrients these seeds pack: iron, vitamin E, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc. They are low in carbs which makes them perfect for diabetics, cancer clients, keto friends and the sugar-conscious. Navita’s hemp is one of my favorites and they get theirs’ from Canada where it is grown on small farms in mineral rich soil.

How to Use Hemp: Alright, now we’re talking. Hemp seeds are extremely versatile and you can use them in all sorts of dishes. Smoothies, salads, crackers, nut milks and cereal are just a few. The fact that they are such mild seeds means that you can add them to dishes without the fear of them taking over. When they are dry, they hold a firm texture that adds a nice bold texture to your dish. When you submerse them in liquid, they soften up and can even become creamy. When you purchase hemp seed products be sure to look for the ones that are hulled without steam and then cold-pressed. These are my favorite.

Hemp Recipe: Now that we are here, let’s admit it, this is the real reason you stopped in today. You wanted to get your hands on this PINK milk recipe. Don’t worry, I would do the same thing. This milk was created when I got tired of ordinary hemp milk and wanted to spice it up with color and antioxidants. The powder I use in this recipe is a superfood berry powder that is jacked full of amino acids, fiber and vitamin C. You won’t want to skip out on this one.

4 cups filter water
½ cup hemp hearts
1 T. gogi powder
1 t. maca powder
2 T. coconut sugar (optional)

*Place all ingredients in your high-speed blender (I use this one) & you can’t get it cheaper than on that link!
*Blend on low for 30 seconds
*Turn up to high and blend for 1-2 minutes
*Pour into a glass jar & enjoy within 5 days

Be sure to tag me in your creations & head over to Navita’s to taste their yummy goods!


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