National PB Cookie Day. Without The Peanuts.

It’s National Peanut Butter Cookie Day & there is no need for you to fear. I have partnered up with Nativa’s Organics to bring you some delicious PEANUT-FREE raw cookie balls. You can thank me later.

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Hey there, thanks for stopping in today. I think that you are hear because you either love peanut butter or it is your worst enemy (allergic). When I found out that today was National Peanut Butter Cookie Day, I knew I had to create something special for those of us who opt out of the peanut life. There is nothing worse than attending a potluck, wedding or birthday and having nothing to eat. I didn’t want you to have to miss out on another holiday just because of your allergies. Don’t worry, I got your back 🙂 I am not allergic to peanuts but I definitely have it in moderation because of all the aflatoxins (mold spores) found in peanuts. I use cashew butter, almond butter, pumpkin seed butter and other nut butters on rotation because that is what makes my body feel best. Usually I like to include a fun memory about the food of choice but I was a hater of peanut butter growing up. I think it has to do with the fact that I was presented oil in a bottle with the name “peanut butter” slapped on it. Who knows?

Peanuts, are they are nut or are they a pea? I’m so glad you asked, peanuts are actually a legume and are in fact not a nut. Peanuts are high in protein which makes them so desirable for powders, butter and flakes. They are 1/2 fat, 1/4 protein and 1/4 carbohydrates. The fats & carbs they contain are good so, don’t go runnin’. Peanuts also contain many beneficial B vitamins, trace minerals and tocopherols (good for skin). In the U.S. we have about 3 uses for peanuts: 1) peanut butter 2) shelled roasted peanuts and 3) candy products. If you are eating nut butters, the nut or candy with nuts, make sure you are purchasing organic peanuts from a reliable source. Peanuts are often rotated with cotton which is a highly GMO seed = it is sprayed a lot = the peanuts get the leftover… not good! Outside of the indirect chemical interaction, peanuts are sprayed with some kind of chemical every 8-10 days. So, long story short, buy organic peanuts! If you want to eliminate them entirely, here are my favorite nuts ever.

If you buy peanuts I highly encourage you to buy them organic. Cashews, almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds are amazing alternatives.

Here is a small comparison guide for you.

Cashews: High in copper, zinc, biotin, potassium, iron and magnesium. Just 1/3 cup gives us 21 grams of protein, whoa! Cashews contain less fat and more protein/carbs than other nuts. The fat they contain is from oleic acid (monounsaturated) that is protective agains heart disease and cancer. These are the ones I buy.

Pumpkin Seed: Just like cashews, pumpkin seeds are a great source of magnesium, iron, zinc and copper. They also contain manganese, vitamin A and B vitamins. 1/3 cup of these little seeds gives you 4 grams of protein, 4 grams of fat and 11 grams of carbohydrates. Pumpkin seeds are excellent for prostate health so, share this with anyone who is having prostate issues! Here, these are to die for.  

Almonds: 60% of almonds are fat which means they are high in calories. They are 20% protein and contain extremely antioxidants like amygdalin (laetril). This is what gives almonds the hefty title of an anticancer food! In 1/3 cup you get 9 grams of protein, 24 grams of fat and 10 grams of carbohydrates. These are the money but be sure you soak them!

Sunflower Seeds: Let’s talk about the incredible amount of nutrients found in sunflower seeds. They contain vitamin #, protein, magnesium, selenium, B vitamins, copper, iron, phosphorus, folic acid and fiber. 1/3 cup gives you 24 grams of fat, 11 grams of protein (oo la la) and 9 grams of carbs. They are often used for rheumatoid arthritis, dang, food is cool. Want some affordable & delicious sunflower seeds? Here you go!



A recipe for you!

No bake, peanut-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free and refined-sugar free cookie balls! That was a mouthful.

1/2 c. cashews
1/4 c. cacao butter
3 medjool dates
2 T. cacao nibs

*place all into a food processor & process until a slight ball begins to form
*roll into balls & dip into chocolate (or not!)

Perfect for snacking & road tripping 🙂 Happy National PB Cookie Day.


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