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A Sustainable Choice: Central Food.

Central Food is the premier restaurant in Spokane with a commitment to good food, sustainability and local products.

The PNW has many hidden gems like mountains, lakes and breathtaking hikes. While Spokane may not have the tallest mountains or the biggest lakes, they do have amazing food From smoothie bars to burger joints, you can find it in Spokane. Each neighborhood or history district within Spokane provides a different feel but the commonality of dang good food.

We ventured out to Kendall Yards and stopped into one of the their many restaurants; most of which are local, health conscious and DELICIOUS. Central Food is located right off the Centennial Trail as you overlook the Spokane River and Peaceful Valley. You have the choice to sit outside or inside and if that’s too many choices for you, the weather will be your guide. Incase you get lost, turn your sniffer on for fresh bread and you will find you way. Their seasonal menu features local items from nearby farms and ranches around the Spokane area. Most items are made from scratch and their menu has something for everyone.

My time with the owner and chef, David Blaine, was filled with surprises. He created Central Food because…. bread. He wanted Spokane to have good bread that was made with good ingredients then, voila, Central Food happened. David and his staff are passionate about supporting local farmers which is a huge winning point for spotlighting them on the blog. Some of the farms they support are LINC, Caso Cano, Quillisascut, Olsen Farms and Ace of Spades. Blaine believes that sourcing ethically is the Central Food way and they will go a season without greens before shipping them thousands of miles.

“Small farming isn’t always easy but we go through the cycles with them; it’s our duty to the community.”

Blaine’s care for the community and environment carry over onto his menu where you will find housemate kimchi, local produce and quality meat. Central Food caters to gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free and nut-free. All allergens are clearly marked and you can easily navigate the menu to find a meal suitable for you. They also have vegan and vegetarian options. Blaine’s number one goal is to build relationships with customers. He even created a 100% visible kitchen to support this goal. The restaurant is a place for conversations without dictation. By accommodating all, everyone can come and more memories can be made around the dinner table.

Top sellers.
Korean Pork Sandwich – slow braised pork shoulder (local) with turmeric onions, Sriracha mayo & house-made bread
Diner Breakfast – 2 eggs, bacon, sausage, potatoes & toast. It can’t get much better than that + these potatoes are one of a kind!

Can food heal?
“Absolutely, Everyone has to eat but we have stripped it down to something so basic. We are feeding people but what else can you get out of it? The emotional level is what we strive for. We try not to make the food the point. It’s about creating as many positive for as many people are involved.”

Chef’s favorite.
“It’s a rare opportunity that I get to eat while sitting down so, conversation around food is very special for me. It’s the thing I get to do the least so, when I do, I love it.”

Now, you know what’s next, get your bootie into Central Food for some dang good food. I love the Idaho trout with arugula almond pesto. YUM! My husband gets the Casoulette and the Central Food Burger  (it’s 1/2 pound!). Be sure to let them know I sent you and remember to tag @simplholistic when you visit.

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Local & Organic Goodies – Prairie Pantry.

Sometimes we need a cookie and when they are organic, nutrient dense and local, we shouldn’t pass them up 🙂 Come learn about local choices, different foods and this DELICIOUS cookie!

Todays post is all about granola, cookies and local goodies. If you are not in Spokane, you can click here and order yours right now! There is even a promo code listed below 🙂 What are you waiting for, head over and get some of these goods pronto! Use this code to get SIMPL10 to get 10% off the discounted price. Keep reading for more information on what you’re buying 🙂

Good afternoon super hero! It’s Friday and that means you made it through yet another week of life. You may have fallen, you may have stumbled, you may have failed but that’s okay because the weekend is here now. It’s a time to recuperate, rejuvenate and have some YOU time. Failures, stumbles and falls are always good because they teach us (sometimes hard) lessons that grow us and our relationships with ourself, others and God! Trust me, tomorrow when you look back at today, you could easily out count your failures with blessings. What better time to reflect on this truth than Spring?! I don’t know about you but when the sun comes out I COME OUT! I feel so alive, energized and ready to go. I have that killer motivation that was sometimes lacking in the winter and I am ready to make changes, get outside and support others. Let’s talk about some Spring changes YOU can make right now.

I have been doing a lot of seeking, shuffling and researching to find the best brands, products, tips and recommendations for you. I drive around town to find new health food stores, organic restaurants and conscious businesses. As I wander up and down the aisles, the employees probably think “Does this girl need help?”, “Is she ever going to buy something?” or “What could possibly be so bad on that label?” but I don’t care because YOU deserve the best! I had the pleasure of running into an amazing lady a few months back at health food store and after months of searching, I was unable to find her. Luckily, I noticed a new product on the shelves and it happened to be her’s; she underwent a rebrand. I quickly reached out to her and was on my way over to learn more about the company and her products. I am SO excited to share this with you, keep on scrolling 🙂

After much sampling, ingredient searching and source questioning I am pleased to introduce you to Prairie Pantry. This is a local company in Spokane, Washington that focuses on nutrition, sustainability and allergens. Anita, the owner, has a beautiful piece of land where she has an organic garden, honey bees and commercial kitchen. Anita’s major emphasis on local sourcing is a huge part of what attracted me to her company. All of her products are free from gluten, dairy, soy, peanuts, almonds and eggs (right up my alley).  Along with all of that, she sweetens her products with maple syrup, honey, dates and the occasional cane sugar or agave (for vegans). Although I am not an agave fan, a little bit won’t kill you and it makes the alternative for vegans. Prairie Pantry carries cookies, pecan butter, apple butter, granola and sample kits.

Nutrients – Well hello there, this is my favorite part of the post! I get to talk to you about the different ingredients in these products. Let’s get going.

  • Dates – Oh my heart. Dates are the gateway to my heart, especially when they are stuffed with cashew butter & cinnamon. Anyways, this whole food source is fully intact, fiber and all, which means it is more easily digested by the body. One 3.5 oz. serving contains 8 grams of fiber, that’s pretty good. For every ounce of dates, you get 260% more potassium than oranges and 64% more potassium than bananas. They are also more calorie dense, but who’s counting anyways?
  • Maple syrup – This delicious unrefined sweetener is an excellent source of manganese and zinc. These minerals are needed for just about every process that takes place in our bodies like energy production. The super fancy enzyme in our bodies (superoxide dismutase) that disarms free radicals (trouble makers) requires manganese. Zinc helps with appetite regulation, immune health, skin health and prostate health. When a recipe calls for sugar, throw in some maple syrup instead!
  • Gluten-free oats – Unlike other grains, oats are a whole source of fiber. They contain the bran and the germ which means they are a concentrated form of nutrients. Manganese, selenium and phosphorus are the stars here. These minerals are essential minerals that are good for preventing cell damage, promoting bone health and normal cell function. They also contain generous amounts of B1 (energy) and soluble fiber (get your poop going).
  • Pecans – BRING ON THE FAT! That’s right, I said it.. the “F” word. Fat is crucial to our health so don’t you go running, you need it to survive and pecans can help you with that. They are about 70% fat so, in 1/4 cup of pecans you get 19.5 grams of fat. Pecans also contain plant sterols which are known for fighting the “bad” type of cholesterol (LDL).
  • Ginger – In combination with its delicious taste, ginger is an amazing root that alleviates gastrointestinal distress (makes your belly feel better). The antioxidants found in ginger also combat the formation of inflammatory compounds. Ginger contains these things called gingerols that are known to alleviate pain in those with rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Long story short, eat ginger!
  • Local honey – Emphasis on the world local. Sure, we can go out and buy honey in a plastic containers (from stores I will not name) but are we really getting anything more than just fructose? Local, raw honey contains pollen from your local environment that will help with allergies when pollen is floating around. These micro exposures over the winter months will prepare you for a successful “allergy season”. Look for raw, unfiltered and local honey. Buy it in a glass jar from a local honeybee keeper, it is a wonderful way to support the community.
  • Sunflower seeds – Alright anti-animals eaters (no judgment), these are going to be the superstar of your show. Just 1/3 cup of sunflower seeds provides 11 grams of protein, 24 grams of fat and 9 grams of carbohydrates. They are also high in many other nutrients we Americans are often deficient in like: phosphorus, copper, arginine, iron, folic acid and fiber. Make sure you buy them organic and store them in a cool environment.
spring hives
summer hives

Local – Supporting local is a huge part of living an holistic lifestyle. When you choose local you are helping your community, supporting local farmers, loving local bees and creating a healthy environment. Not to mention, the reduction in the carbon footprint from all the shipping that becomes necessary when we import goods from other parts of the world. When you buy local you are doubling the amount of money they stays within the local economy. Another perk of buying local is that you know what your getting, you know the farmer/owner and you don’t have to worry about negative environmental impacts like weird chemicals or toxins! While the cost for local may sometimes be a (small) amount higher, you are doing your part to serve your community and lower the costs in other areas like labor, shipping, etc.

Get them – If you aren’t convinced at this point, I am sorry because these products are amazing (especially the pecan butter). I love to dip my apples, chocolate or dates into this creamy butter. Oh my gosh, it’s just delicious. I am excited to get my mom some of these for Mother’s Day (hint hint). They make the perfect treat for moms, boyfriends, spouses and grandkids alike. Don’t forget about yourself, it’s sometimes fun to treat ourselves too! If you are in Spokane, you can find them at the following stores:

Main Market Co-op
Natural Grocers
Petunia’s Marketplace
Atticus Coffee
Thomas Hammer Coffee
My Fresh Basket 

Tom Sawyer Coffee
Spaceman Coffee
Daily Habit Coffee
Anytime Fitness
Northwest Seed and Pet



  •  Now they have 5 flavors of cookies after adding an orange and lemon flavor to their line.
  • New granola in 5 flavors: coconut, cacao, banana, ginger and cherry
    • they have allergen free ones that are free of nuts, honey and other common allergens
  • Prairie Pantry sources their:
    • ginger from Fuji as a way to support small local farmers there
    •  dates origanically which is an huge step forward, go them!
    • local organic maple syrup as as social responsibility and support for local businesses
    • vanilla from Vanilla Queen Vanilla
  • They believe in local over organic any day and I couldn’t agree more
  • They now fuel local colleges, restaurants, grocery stores and neighbors with organic produce with LINC farmers

If you are not in Spokane, you can click here and order yours right now! There is even a promo code listed below 🙂 What are you waiting for, head over and get some of these goods pronto! Mothers Day is coming up, Spring is sprung and the time is now. Use this code to get SIMPL10 to get 10% off the discounted price.

I feature delicious recipes, nutritional information and more in my meal plans and nutrition consulting session so, head here to book your FREE consult today!

Stay healthy,

Ashlee <3








Who Runs The World: Farms.

Come check out this local farm and learn how you can get your produce, meat and eggs delivered each week! Sustainability has never been so easy.

Happy friday friends, thanks for being here another day and dedicating this time to your health. I am so glad you are here to learn, absorb and act on all of this new information. If you haven’t sensed a theme within my blog yet, I am super obsessed with local businesses, sustainable practices and ethical goods. The reason these three values are so important to me is because they guarantee health and wellness to every party involved: the maker, the buyer and the creatures. I encourage you to look for the three of them together rather than just one of them. We can have local without being ethical and sustainable so, take that extra step be aware of the products you are buying each day! Don’t fall into the label trap, it’ll getcha.

Last week I had the pleasure of going out and visiting a local organic farm about 40 minutes outside of Spokane. The farm, dating back to 1887, is situated on 400 acres of grazing land and pastures. To say is beautiful would be an understatement. Rocky Ridge Ranch is the name of the farm and the CSA they run is the creation of Gary and his wife “So”. A CSA (community supported agriculture) is a program that allows you, as the consumer, to connect directly with a certain farm and their products. CSAs are an excellent way for you to take ownership and be a part of the operation that feeds you and your family. You cut out the middle man, the cost of shipping and the question of origin. Now that you know what a CSA is, let’s get to the farm!

“She’s the green thumb, I am just the guy who digs the holes.” -Gary

When I arrived at the farm I was greeted by cows, pigs and the sweet smell of rural living. The bars on my phone sunk down to blank space and there wasn’t a business in sight. “SO” the gardener and wife of Gary, runs several greenhouses where she starts plants in heat controlled spaced and later moves them out underneath the summer sun. Under her care you can find peppers, parsley, lettuce, bok choy, cucumber, red cabbage, kale, beets, tomatoes, collard greens, swiss chard, radish, romain, carrots, spinach, asian green onions, Korean green onions, leeks, fennel, strawberries, raspberries, dill, squash, asian sesame leaves, sugar peas, walla walla onions, shallots, purple/red/yellow/viking potatoes, micro greens, kohlrabi, sweet corn and a variety of herbs. These varieties are all on a rotation which prevents disease and other pests! If that isn’t a large enough variety for you, don’t worry, I have more for you below.

Outside of the garden beds you can find the remainder of those 400 acres filled with alfalfa, triticale, oats, peas, cows, chickens, pigs, turkeys, sheep, goats and ducks. Their animals are as grass-fed as grass-fed gets, pastured to be precise. They wonder endlessly in open pasture, drink fresh water and gets lots of exercise. All of these things are important because it means you are getting a high quality products that are free of chemicals, synthetic feed and stressed  meat. Pastured meat has a lower acid ash than conventional meat so, you can’t go wrong. All of the animals at Rocky Ridge Ranch have never been injected with hormones, antibiotics or other vaccines and if they are due to an illness, they are taken off the production line and never sold to you. If you are a lover of eggs, fear not, their chickens are treated with just as much love and are usually roaming around. Gary even placed vents and fans in there homes to keep the air clean and ammonia free.

“There’s more fake news in the agriculture world than anywhere else. That’s why I wanted you to come in.” – Gary

Gary’s sustainable practices are an incredible aspect of the farm. From simple crop rotation to making his own feed for the animals, he wants to leave as little of an environmental impact as is possible with an animal farm. Alfalfa is a perennial that can give about ten years before it kills itself off by generating a toxin which keeps it from overgrowing. Once the Alfalfa is gone, they will grow oats since they get their fertilizer from Alfalfa. After the oats have extended their welcome, they will plant the peas. The peas are annuals that are great for forage and nitrogen. Nitrogen is crucial for soil health and the health of the produce you are consuming.

Sign up today & get a pro-rated price

Rocky Ridge Ranch is well into their season but you can still sign up! If you sign up today you will get a pro-rated price on your meat, eggs and produce. They have a variety of different programs that I have listed below.


Produce & Eggs


You can pick up your coolers full of produce, meat and eggs in Spokane every Thursday between 3 – 6 p.m.. With each CSA you will get weekly updates via newsletter. I have attached the sign up below. Under “special requests and explanations” on the form, please write that you heard from me (Ashlee)! Thanks guys and if you have any questions or want more information, please comment below! Here is the link to their website & ordering information.