Locally Owned: The Wellness Bar – Superfood Stop.

The Wellness Bar is a locally run and operated health spot in Northern Idaho. They serve local goods, smoothies, acai bowls and MORE. Let’s go on a date here sometime.

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I am so excited to be sharing this AWESOME place with you guys today. Whenever I find a new place (or new to me) the first thing I think, after eating, is that I need to share it with my people. So, here we are today with a new place for you to go and make healthy choices.

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The hot topic of the day is The Wellness Bar. The juice bar is a husband and wife run juice bar in Northwest Idaho, right over the Washington/Idaho state line. I want to emphasize that they are locally ran and operated. No franchise, no chains, just them, sweet and simple. After battling with her own health issues, owner Monica, was ready to make a change for her own health and the health of her community. Being raised in Northern Idaho, she wanted to make an impact in her close knit community because what better place to make a change than where your roots are. She took a liking to preventative wellness and gets to share that everyday through her menu and stress-free environment at The Wellness Bar. By creating the juice bars, North Idaho Wellness Magazine and the annual Wellness Fair they are able to educate thousands of people each year. Talk about impressive.

the deets. 

The Wellness Bar is the sweetest little spot you will ever find. Seriously. They have vibrant yellow chairs, wooden tables, fireplaces, punny produce prints and local art on the walls. Each of their (three) locations has its own feel and community so, there is a spot for everyone. The first location opened up in Coeur d’Alene three years ago. The second shop opened in Hayden 2 years ago. Just last year they opened up their newest shop in Post Falls. That is three shops in three years, I’d say they are doing something right! Want to know something even better? Their Post Falls and Hayden locations have a drive-thru. You can get all your acai and smoothie delights with the convenience of staying in YOUR CAR! I spent the day at the Hayden shop and the regulars have been coming in since opening day and depend on clean eats for their daily fuel. Kids, business men, elderly couples and teenagers all shared the commonality of health. It was awesome.

the menu.

At The Wellness Bar you have a large variety of options to choose from. Whenever possible, they source organic but if berries cost $8 for a small clamshell, they most likely won’t be organic. In this case, I opt to leave the blueberries off since they are high up on the dirty dozen list. You  can exchange them for something else as well. They have seasonal goods and well as items that are on the menu year round. The items range in price from $3 to $14 and you can get a little bite or a whole meal. Their smoothie menu has options like their most popular CDA Athlete (blueberries, kale, almond butter, chia seeds, banana, almond milk, protein powder and cinnamon) and the Green Goddess (kale, spinach, avocado, pear, honey, chia seeds, coconut water). Fresh juices like the Lemon Refresh (lemon, mint, honey, coconut water) are on the menu as well. Acai bowls are another menu items and you can choose from several different bowls like the Pitaya Bowl and the Harvest Bowl (seasonal perfection!). Espresso, hot drinks, tea, avocado toast, salads and protein bites are on the menu for your crunch-craving desires. They use locally roasted Doma Coffee and Winterwoods Tea.

what i get.

When I visit, I get the bomb.com acai bowl without granola or honey. I replace the granola with a variety of seeds/nuts and the honey isn’t necessary because the bowl is already sweetened with bananas and other fruit. Leave off the extra sugar when you can! If I am feeling something warm get the matcha latte with cashew milk and top it with cinnamon and nutmeg. When I want a smoothie, I build my own, of course: avocado, cashew milk, vegan protein, mint, peanut butter, greens, cacao, blueberries and vanilla. Maybe they will put this on the menu and call it the Simplholistic? What do you think 🙂

mention “simplholistic’s blog post” & get $2 OFF any smoothie!

All photography: Katya Higgins Photography 
Disclaimer: This post in sponsored by The Wellness Bar but all opinions are, of course, my own. I only work with businesses that I frequent, love and believe in.



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