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Healthy Grab n’ Go: The Well.

Hey you! I’m so glad that you have stopped in to hang out with me today. I have been scoping out some new places for you this past week and today’s post will be all about one of my finds. Something about going out and trying new places for you gets me so jacked! Spokane and its surrounding areas are filled with so many hidden gems and I feel like each week I hear about some cool new place that I can eat at, hike around or write about. What better than that because now you get to hear all about it and go try it out!

When you drive into Spokane you may be like me and think “whoa, this is the biggest city I have ever lived in.” or you may be like other people and think “BIG?! Haha, funny.” Either way, there are a ton of neat places hidden within the city of Spokane and the little towns around her. As always, I only write about places that support local farmers, the environment and our health. You won’t find me writing about places that serve deep-fried cake balls, gourmet trans-fat or factory farmed meats. To me, that is unsustainable and irresponsible and I wouldn’t pass on information about places like that. What is so different about Simplholistic we that we have a niche for health and I am so glad you are here to enjoy that with us! Now, onto this new find.

I finally had an entire day off for the first time in months and I mean completely free, not a thing on the calendar. It was a beautiful thing. It turned into an adventure filled day that led me to Liberty Lake, WA. My husband and I made the (short) drive from Spokane and landed at the CUTEST place, The Well. This eclectic shop opened about 9 months ago and is just what the area needed. This cute cafe is an upcycled hangout that serves local coffee, organic smoothies, pita/lettuce wraps, pre-made salads, baked goods and kombucha on tap. They cater to gluten & dairy-free lifestyles as well as vegans, vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Natalie, the owner, has been dreaming of a healthy grab n’ go option for the last 20 years so, she decided to open one herself. The Well sources local and organic options whenever they can and their items are made fresh daily.

Brands they use:

Indaba Coffee
Mandala Chai
Bare Culture Kombucha
Monin syrups

I brushed on the importance of local in my last post here and in some cases local is a better label than organic; in my opinion. There is something about knowing where your food came from and building a relationship with the individuals who work so hard to give you fresh and nourishing food. That is the same idea that they have over at The Well. They believe that wellness is a way of life and that healthy food isn’t a luxury item for certain individuals. Health is for all! When we adopt the lifestyle of health we reap many benefits and community is just one of them. This new café is family run and owned and they want you to feel like you’re a part of the family.

As I mentioned above, this is an upcycled hangout and by that, I mean they worked hard to furnish and remodel the place with items that were from previously used or made from scraps. Upcycling is but another piece of holistic living and it makes for a fun project. The wall of plants gives life to the atmosphere and there is a lightness in the air. You can lounge on comfy chairs, sofas or outdoor seating. So, come in and study, meet, hang out or veg out to your hearts content. There are games for the kiddies, chess for the gamers and coffee for the hipsters (; They have live music some nights and an assortment of wine and local beer.

What did I get?

Boy oh boy, what didn’t I try? They had so many items so it was hard to choose but it helped that I got a little taste of everything! I tried the gluten-free cookie, brownie, fat bar, kombucha, Mediterranean lettuce wrap and the chai.

The cookie was chewy and sweet but not too sweet. It is made with gluten-free oats, peanut butter and gluten-free flour and is nice and moist. It’s good to have ½ for now and ½ for later. I recommend this because peanut butter isn’t the easiest food for your gut to digest so breaking it up will aid in that process!

The brownie is rich, decadent and dense. It takes on the consistency of fudge and is very pleasing to the taste buds. They use organic apples in this recipe and it mellows out the sugar and gives it a moist consistency. This one is treat though since it does use canola oil. Canola oil is highly inflammatory and is often genetically modified so, exercise your self-control and don’t go overboard. This is one that I would suggest you split with a friend because it is big and filling.

The lettuce wrap is a winner for sure. I ordered the Mediterranean wrap that is made of hummus, Kalamata olives, feta, tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken and wrapped in lettuce. This wrap is literally fire, so good. I am a major olive hater and I ate every one of them; this is a testament! The chicken makes it filling, the hummus makes it flavorful and the veggies make it fresh. I’m me so I had ½ for breakfast… and ½ for lunch. They have a wide variety of other lettuce or pita wraps so, take your pick!

Kombucha is always a good choice so, why wouldn’t it have been this time? I tried the Pink Lady Raspberry and the Hibiscus Lavender from Bare Culture which is made in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. They apple flavor is very sweet and refreshing while the Hibiscus Lavender takes on more of that fermented beer flavor but both were delicious and nourishing to my gut. Kombucha is filled with acids that are helpful to the gut and this shows in your healthy skin, joints and hair. Kombucha also contains beneficial bacteria (probiotics) that help to keep a balance between the “good” and “bad” gut bacteria. Yay bacteria!!

Holy Chai, guys this stuff is so delicious. I am a spice lover and this chai has two options: regular or spicy. I chose the spicy chai with hemp milk and had it warm because it was a little chilly out. The hemp milk gives it a nutty flavor while the chai makes it spicy, flavorful and downright delicious. The Well uses chai from Mandala Chai which is a local company (again with the local!). You can add flavor, have it iced or hot. I always recommend using hemp milk because it gives you protein and fatty acids. Don’t worry, hemp isn’t going to get you high.

If you head over there you can get $1 off any wrap; lettuce or pita. They have thai wraps, shrimp wraps, vegan wraps or meat filled wraps. They are filling and tasty so, go ahead, bring your granola friends like me or your meat eating buds like my husband! You won’t be displeased. Be sure to show them this post or my Instagram post to get your $1 off, even if you don’t have this photo you get $1 off 🙂 Also, be sure to tag me when post your picture of your time there. I love to see when you go out and enjoy good food that nourishes your body!

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“Ashlee approved”, as always.

Eating at local restaurants is a great way to support the community. Head over to this new grab n' go hangout that features healthy eats, sustainable coffee and a great atmosphere. + you get $1 off when you show them this post (even if you don't have the photo you get it!)!


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After two months of working with Ashlee, we got pregnant. She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and health. We tried for over a year to get pregnant with no luck after our first baby. I definitely recommend!
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PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women


My skin feels good, looks good and I'm confident about the non-toxic products I have in my bathroom now. Ashlee, thank you for teaching me everything you know. I adore you.
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