5 musts for healthy living

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if you know me you know that i am a firm believer of the popular quote “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. i am a no excuses kind of girl because where there are excuses there was also the opportunity to make a different choice. if you don’t want to hear that living a healthy lifestyle is more than a quick pill, here’s your chance, run!

living a healthy lifestyle is a total mind, body, spirit experience. every part of you must want it. your mind must be over the chaos, the congestion the anxiety. your body must be done with the pain, aches and inflammation. your spirit must have a desire for something more. for me, my mind was over the racing thoughts, my body was done with the inadequacy & my spirit was ready to rest easy in the peace that comes from our savior! you can read more about my journey to health here<insert link>. For now, you can read about my top 5 must-haves for healthy living! enjoy J


  1. self-control

that’s right, i went there, all the way back to pre-k where you had to learn not to hit other kids for stealing your blocks. some common problems that come with a lack of self-control are: over-indulging, over-eating, not working out, binge TV watching & even negative thoughts. with these things, we are essentially giving the food, TV, couch or negative voices control over our life. i’m here to tell you that you are in control. you have the power to say no or to walk away. you are the boss, not the victim so, get back up.


2. water bottle

serious change of pace here from that last one but hey, we all need to hear it sometimes.

my absolute favorite water bottle is my hydroflask. it is blue, stickered and dented in all its steel goodness. no plastic, BPA or other weird chemicals, just a double walled and insulated steel bottle. i got this bottle when i lived in Kauai. one day i filled it with ice & water and when i got off work the ice was still cubed (it was 88 degrees outside)! i’m working on ordering some simplholistic hydroflasks so, let me know in the comments if you would want one!


3. tennis shoes + playlist

is anyone else a lover of nike? they are the only tennis shoes that don’t hurt my feet or give me weird blisters. + they are super cute and come in so many different styles. whether i go for a run or do leg day they never fail me. these coupled with a dope playlist make getting to the gym THAT much easier. create a fun playlist on Spotify or follow me to hear mine!


4. healthy pantry

why hello there, pantry filled with all my hearts desires. i am so glad you guys get to see a little bit of what I eat daily. this step is crucial if you want to live a healthy lifestyle. eating healthy when we are out can be easy but if we come home after a hard day and have a big ol’ bag of doritos waiting for us, we are going to eat them. sometimes in life we get hangry and when that sets in, hells gates are about to fling open so i need something pronto. if i didn’t have healthy options at my house then i would grab whatever is quick, easy & probably unhealthy.

5. right motives

one of the 1st questions i ask my clients is “why do you want to work with me?”. if their answer is any of the following, i know we probably wouldn’t be a good fit unless they want to rethink their motives. usually they do.

  • i want to be skinny
  • i want to look like (name)
  • i want (name) to be proud of me
  • i want to be better than (name)

if their answers are any of the following, i am thrilled to begin working with them! & their results, dang. these responses show desperation, dedication and willingness to learn.

  • i am sick of feeling sick
  • i want to be able to do more
  • i want to look better for myself
  • i want to respect my body
  • i deserve it/i am worth it

alright, let’s wrap it all up.

be a person with a earth-friendly water bottle, sweet tennis shoes & a killer playlist. a person that says no & gets back up when they fall. invite your friends over to check out your stellar pantry that is filled with all the goods and talk to them about the importance of self-respect. you got this, i believe in you.


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