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the new year is here and so are those new committments. it’s a time of newness. a time of unknowns & excitement. maybe those 3 descriptive words aren’t all that you’re feeling. maybe you feel like it’s a time of entering uncharted waters. maybe you’re feeling that your changes will cause you to lose friends or maybe even encounter judgment. since i’m not a sugar coater, i’ll tell it like it is, you will feel all those things and more. you will feel like people question you and your choices. you’ll feel pushed out & amongst the minority, want to know why? because you are. amidst all of this you will also feel enlightened, awake, healthy and different.

when there is negativity, there is also positivity. sometimes it may feel like you must dig around for the good ones but they are there. whether it be you’ve recently become a christian or changed your lifestyle, people are persecuting you because they are threatened and/or confused. as humans, we like to know what’s going on. we like to understand the reasons behind circumstances and when we can’t, our defense goes up. keep your cool & see the good in people. we all have demons but we also been covered in a grace that surpasses anything we could understand.

guys, i am writing this from experience. there isn’t a day that goes by without someone at least asking “why don’t you just eat ____?” i’ve learned to take it with a grain of salt but when it’s repetitive, it gets frustrating. the holiday season is always a tricky one. time to get together with family and friends & we all know where friends and family are, there is tradition. this time of sweet celebration can turn into a time of frustration and eagerness to ditch. it doesn’t have to be this way. remember what i said above, keep your cool & see the good in people. they are confused and – a lot of times – feel unable to accommodate you.

Don’t give up. Don’t throw in the towel just because of some uncomfortable moments. Take steps to be prepared and always show your appreciation when someone goes out of their way to accommodate you. Here are my tips for thriving during the holidays with those you don’t see eye-to-eye with.

  1. Throw them a heads up – tell your host, mom, grandma or whoever that you are eating differently now. let them know that they don’t need to accommodate you and that you will eat what you can. just suggest that there be fruit, veggies, whole foods that you can always go to. mind you, these choices may not be organic but they are still better than going for the antibiotic turkey. the worst question you’ll get from your honery uncle is “what, are you a vegetarian hippie now?”
  2. Offer to bring a dish – this is always a great way to contribute while making sure you have something to eat. bring something that people other than you will like (unless you want it all… no shame). quinoa salads, sweet potatoes, meat/cracker platter, soup or anything that sounds good to you. it’s great to do this because your family can see that you are trying & you don’t expect to be waited on.
  3. Kindly decline – if someone insists that you MUST try their ________ you have three options 1) try it & hold back your facial expressions, 2) point the other direction & run while they aren’t looking or 3) gently tell them that you aren’t interested & if they ask, explain why. i choose the latter because i am all about being real. it is also a great opportunity to educate people upon their
  4. Eat before – if it is a neutral time where you can have a meal beforehand and snack while you’re there, why not? i do this anyways because i always cook before and end up munchin’ the entire time. in this case, you can give a genuine answer of “i just ate, thanks though!” but, if it’s out of fear, read below because NO.
  5. Don’t go – if you are seriously that worried about being faced by your treacherous cousin in her pink tutu about why you won’t eat a hawaiian roll, you probably have an issue that you need to think about. if you made a lifestyle change it is because you want to feel good and to educate others about the importance of healthy living. if you don’t feel that way, email me so we can talk about your motives. i am harsh here because if this gets out of control it can become obsessive and turn into an eating disorder.

sending you off with love & blessings


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