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Making Changes: Fire Your Damn Doctor (pt 3)

When’s the last time you heard someone tell you to fire your damn doctor? Here’s  the final part of my journey to health. Head over to my last two posts for part 1 & part 2.

Fire your damn doctor - you're boss - natural healing

Orthorexia and Becoming Boss Over Food

During my time at KBC my eating was so limited that I developed orthorexia. This is a mixture of OCD and anorexia. I would be offered a plate of food that wasn’t organic or a plate that held no food and I would choose the empty plate. I feared that I would become seriously ill if I ate food with pesticides/chemicals. What fueled this fear was the thought of living in pain again.

By the grace of God my loving (now) husband gently called me out. He urged me to get over myself for a lack of better words. Tommy pressed me to talk with the kitchen staff at KBC & to request that I have space to store my food. Finally, they approved and I began to cook myself, buy food again and my health quickly returned. Ahhh thank God for loving husbands.

A Warning Against Diets

One topic I discuss with each nutrition client that comes to work with me is this: WE DON’T DO DIETS HERE. I will teach you all day long to live a healthy lifestyle but as soon as food becomes Lord, we’ve got a problem. There are so many ways to simplify women’s wellness but dieting is not one of them.

While there is a time and place for elimination diets for health purposes, there is never a place for dieting to get X result. There’s no quick fix or cheap pill, you need to change your lifestyle. Get back to the roots and how we used to live… in harmony with our bodies.

You Can Change Your Life

Here I am, right now, writing this blog to you. You who struggle with your appearance, your weight, your cravings, or your spirituality. Yes, you can find health in lifestyle changes and you can find love from other people but ultimately the one who got me through these lows was God. He saved my life and gave me the power to get up every morning. A lot of times when I meet new people they are mind blown that I am a Christian. “A christian who eats healthy??”. That’s me because to be quite honest I don’t know why we all aren’t eating this way. I mean, these bodies are from God, right?

So, I am encouraging you to love your life and realize it was painted out just for you, you have a purpose. I also encourage you to nourish the body that God gave you. So, as surprising as it may be, when you give your body what it need it performs, wow! It’s a sin – I think – to destroy your body with manmade food, chemicals and toxins. Whoa, cue the uproar.

So, Fire Your Damn Doctor

Allie is the sweet friend that taught me so much about the world of health. She empowered me with knowledge to wake up & see the world around me for what it is. Knowledge is the biggest and best freedom and gift, be your own health advocate and citizen scientist. Fire your damn doctor if they won’t listen. Stop being a puppet in the system. You can heal and feel well again.

fire your damn doctor - you're boss & it's time to feel good again


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