I will walk you through the exact blueprint I created for myself and have now used on thousands of clients to achieve these exact goals. Whether you’re looking for an inside look into your mineral status or want a comprehensive 6 month experience, I’m here for it!

You want to wake up energized, stop questioning every bite you take, have the vibrancy to go on a walk, experience a regular pain-free cycle and achieve the hormone balance you’ve been (endlessly) chasing for years.

Nutrition consulting

We get an inside look at EXACTLY what is going on and what the next steps are.

You can’t NOT experience total wellness when you give the body what it actually needs. By running the appropriate tests and focusing on your stress timeline we can paint an incredibly clear picture of what’s going on with your hormones. 

After working with me, you will experience the very REAL RESULTS you’ve been working so hard to achieve. 

Bare Naked Hormones is the foundational course I recommend to every single person that comes my way. It’s the exact blueprint I created for myself to get from PCOS to pregnant, a mom and the healthiest I’ve ever been. I teach you to quiet the noise of the wellness world so you can make space for true healing. 


Think Basics Package but I’m sitting and having virtual tea with you regularly during our 6 months together. I will be there to walk you through the ups and downs and to troubleshoot and extra questions that pop up. This is my most hands-on offering and the results my clients see with this level of TLC are incredible.

6 Month Package

Since we look at your stress timeline, metabolic sabotagers, hidden environmental toxins and your diet we are able to give you the guidance you need to achieve hormone balance, thyroid health and all that adrenal love. Most of all, you’ll finally have the clarity you desire when it comes to lifestyle and dietary choices you make. 

basics package

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Setup your time and get ready for your Basics Package here. If you want to do the 6 Month Package you will apply here. For the Bare Naked Hormones course, enroll here and you’ll gain IMMEDIATE access to the entire course and private community group. 1:1 clients can expect a response from Ashlee or her assistant Elise within 48 business hours.

How to get started

After two months of working with ashlee, we got pregnant. She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and health. We tried for over a year to get pregnant with no luck after our first baby. I definitely recommend!

"She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and health."


Can you believe I didn’t have an ovulatory cycle for 10 years? After just 3 months of working with Ashlee I not only ovulated.. I became pregnant with… TWINS!

"I became pregnant with… TWINS!"

I was diagnosed with celiac back in July 2021. I just had an endoscopy last month and got my results back saying NO CELIAC. And I no longer have hashimotos! My antibodies were low, only a 2 when I last had it checked in 2020, but now they aren’t there! Praise Jesus!

"I no longer have hashimotos."


let's work together

You are the only thing in-between you and wellness.. BUT I understand we need guidance. That's why I am here, to walk with you and keep you on track. I am not your healer, simply your guide. You in?

Let's work together