I’m SERIOUS when it comes to vetting products I will bring into my home. Everything you see on this page is something I personally use and feel safe enough to use for my family. If something with that product changes that I don’t like, it won’t be here anymore.

for your wellness journey

my recommended resources

Non toxic, made in America pillows + body pillows I love & they have mattresses

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Savvy rest

High-quality, low-impact, non-toxic apparel. Baby, Child, Women, + Men.


Wellness home

HAPPSY Mattress

King EOS Plush + in the van // GOTS certified organic mattress

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GOTS certified organic mattress queen in our guest room.

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$300 off the best rated and Ashlee approved air filter for your home.

Air doctor

Chemical and toxin-free home design shop i.e. paint, stain, flooring, etc.

Green Design Center

Whole House Water Filter, shower filter, gravity fed water system, structuring devices and more

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Greenfield water

Non toxic and actually works laundry detergent

Molly Suds detergent

Naturepedic Mattress

Ecos Paints

Water-based, eco-friendly paints formulated without harsh chemicals. 

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Tech Wellness

Hardwiring kits for emf-free internet, kill switches and all the tech safety devices you need!


SaunaSpace combines cutting-edge infrared technology with nature's ancient wisdom to help you find relief.

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Sperti Vitamin D Sunlamp provides the special UVB rays that will generate Vitamin D naturally in your body.

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Water Filters that filter out fluoride, PCBS, chlorine, birth control, animal waste, human waste, heavy metals and hundreds of other contaminants found in tap (city) water

AquaTru Filter

Water Filters that filter out fluoride, PCBS, chlorine, birth control, animal waste, human waste, heavy metals and hundreds of other contaminants found in tap (city) water

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Pristine Hydro Filter

Crystal Quest Water Filter, this is the only bath filter I can find on the market. We use it and it does the job while we wait for a whole house system.

Bath Filter

wildling shoes

Barefoot sustainable shoes. Their boiled wool slippers are on my feet every day!

Sustainably made with non-toxic, natural, and Organic materials.

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Mate the Label

GOTS certified organic clothing, home and bath + kids

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Gelatin, acerola cherry, desiccated liver + more without any gums or weird junk

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Perfect Supplements

The highest quality herbal and mushroom powders on the market we've been using since 2017. I recommend 5th Kingdom, Beauty, Pearl & Pine (actually all of them but those are good starting points)

Root and bones

Online Health Food Market – get 25% off your first order

Thrive Market

Herbal tinctures, dry roots, powders, oils and the list goes on, I love this online shop

Mountain Rose Herbs

My absolute FAVORITE online shop: Azure, for all things health and wellness. A company that supports freedom and wellness for you and your family. 10/10 always recommend them


Amazon shopper? Here’s my storefront with food, supplements, wellness supplies, van build materials and more


Food, Groceries, and Kitchen

Organic, high elevation harvest, no fillers, no binders, full spectrum products (favs: matcha, collagen & salt)

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Crucial Four

The cookware we use that’s 100% non-toxic, plastic & metal-free, non-glazed/glued ceramic

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Xtrema Cookware

Regeneratively raised meat that nourishes our bodies, our soil, and our future.

10% off with link

Force of Nature

White Oak Pastures

Regenerative land management, zero-waste farm, and humane animal husbandry. 

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Windward Westward

4 times each year they send a box of incredible food—sourced from some of the most striking places in the world.

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Organic, glyphosate-free, whole-food vitamin C from Paleo Valley. Love their fermented casing meat sticks, too!

Paleo Valley

Magnesium bicarbonate is the most readily available source of mag on the planet + the most digestible form. I recommend Mitigate StressPristine Hydro, or make your own with Crucial Four.

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Magnesium bicarbonate

Kossma Beauty’s new line of supportive and filler-free supplements like full-spectrum collagen and beef liver

Kossma Beauty

Non-toxic, Filler-free, bioenergetic, biologically supportive supplements without any weird fillers like magnesium stearate or natural flavors

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Herbal supplements and tinctures for allergies, hormones, hair loss, flu and the list goes on. I recommend every product she has

Organic Olivia

Fullscript supplement dispensary


Supportive Supplements

Regenerative nose-to-tail  supplements from small farms. We take them all and I recommend them all! My son loves to chew up the liver capsules.

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Jigsaw Adrenal Cocktail Powder to adrenal support, mineral balance and electrolytes

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When a probiotic is necessary, this is the one I recommend and use.

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Castor Oil packs or how to make them.

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Castor oil packs

PUFA-aware and organic skincare products for healthy skin

Kossma Beauty

Non-toxic, fluoride-free, dental-grade oral products

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Hygiene and Self-Care

Gembared Red Light Devices (no EMF + no flicker)

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Red Light Panel

Blue blocking computer software to protect your eyes


These blue light blockers block the correct nanometers of light to protect your eyes under artificial light

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Bon Charge

These blue light blockers block the correct nanometers of light to protect your eyes under artificial light

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Ra Optics

Wellness Tests and Resources

The circadian lights we use in our home (electrically wired)

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healthy home shop

Root Cause Protocol Institute

Iron Test


The online course I took to learn to create my online course Bare Naked Hormones + create passive income. HIGHLY recommend if you're looking to create a course.

Online Course academy

A variety of online courses, masterclasses and live Q&As for herbalism, building a medicine cabinet, no-poo hair cleaning method & more

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subluna education

Learn to interpret your own HTMA along with a deep dive into how our minerals work together.

Master Your Minerals

** This page contain affiliate links to my favorite wellness products. I get a small kickback for recommending them to you. There is no extra charge to you, promise! Thanks for keeping Simplholistic afloat.