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Experiencing true healing takes time, yes, but it's totally possible. You get to feel, look and be well again, I mean it. And you don't even have to sift through all the noise of the wellness world. It won’t happen overnight (because there are no quick fixes) but if you are willing to give all it takes to prioritize your health, you will be well.

The Wild Woman's Hormones Ebook

Returning to the Wild: A Simple Guide to Balance Your Hormones with Nature

why common (even "natural") approaches don't work

natural approach

potential causes of your hormone disruption

hormone disruption

clarity in the choices you make for your health

making choices

all about grounding and free medicine in nature

free medicine

you'll learn about

Noise. Confusion. SO MANY different opinions ringing in your head at once as you scroll scroll scroll.

The problem is that you keep doing it the hard way. Spending hours in rabbit holes of health articles that are NOT moving the needle. Researching all the things you think matter but truly don’t. Healing really is simple and when we give our bodies the raw materials they need to thrive, they will do just that. 

The more you connect to nature, toss out the noisy distractions and focus on the building blocks of your hormones. The closer you are experiencing that God-given wellness you so long for.

Sit back and imagine yourself: energized, balanced and confident in the choices you make for your health. Are you ready for the “oh my gosh you look years younger” and “what did you do, I can’t believe how healthy you look” comments? You should be because they’ll start flowing in. 

Why haven’t you achieved the health of your youth yet? What’s stopping you? What’s actually getting in the way?

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The free tools in nature we can use to achieve our wellness goals

the simplholistic 7-step approach to balancing your hormones

Self-assessments to identify imbalances

48 pages of pure hormone balancing GOLD

When we support our body from the cells up, we heal. Our hormones balance out and we experience the energy and fertility we long for.

Here's what's inside

  • nnEMF
  • Bluelight
  • Seasonal eating
  • Nature bathing & grounding
  • Proper supplementation
  • Sunlight 
  • Nourishing diet

Here's what I cover:

One without the other doesn’t work here. You have to be ready for a total lifestyle overhaul.

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“I had the first normal period of my entire life. Every period up until this point has been filled with dark clots, cramping that left me immobile, raging mood swings and I can’t thank you enough for literally changing my life!!!!”

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My ebook never goes on sale. It’s $30 for life. I did this so every single person can afford it. It’s my affordable guide to the free tools in nature. I don’t want you to have to spend thousands on your healing journey and you don’t have to.