Grain-free Turkey Sammies

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Happy Saturday!

This year has already been so busy, eventful and challenging. I have made lots of new changes to my business & website to make it easier for you to find and navigate. I have a separate section for my recipes & for my lifestyle blog posts. Now, you can find just what you’re craving more easily. Don’t worry, I will be uploading the rest of my recipes ASAP and there will be a larger selection.

Since we are on the topic of ease, let’s focus on this recipe. I want you know that all my recipes aren’t baking, or smoothies, soups or roasted chicken. Some of them are super easy & can be made in less than 5 minutes, like this one! You need 3 simple ingredients, your hands & a mouth. This lunch/snack is perfect for a picnic, a road trip, grab n’ go or sitting down. You get your protein, greens & fat all in one sitting. + it’s stinking delicious guys.

Grain-free Turkey Sammies

– antibiotic-free turkey meat (pastured)

– organic spinach

– mayo (I use Primal Kitchen’s)

don’t forget about Jackson’s Honest chips!

Enjoy & don’t forget to share with me when you make them!

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