my journey to health (part 2)

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fast forward to kauai. i graduated early and decided to go spend a month in hawaii before my actual graduation. when i arrived i was greeted by the beautiful litterer family, salty air, and the warm tropical heat. right away i was in love. when i got to the car the girls offered me a starfruit straight from the tree, something i will always remember. we got home and i was off to bed, little did i know that following morning would mark the start of my transition to good health. i had all sorts of goodies like raw likikoi pie, green smoothies, dehydrated bananas, almond milk, and fresh avocado. my household was free of GMOs, corn, soy, wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, refined oils and sugars. we ate 100% organic and were mostly vegan; with the exception of the occasional chicken, fish or honey.


if you didn’t catch that i said “sugar free” you should go read that again, sugar free. i had no idea that i was addicted to sugar. i literally feigned for it like an alcoholic feigns for liquor. allie was quickly able to sense my withdrawals and got me lots of fruit and natural sugars. i also had a stash of girl scout cookies and those were a life-saver haha (oops).

one week in and i was able to walk with no pain, my skin began to clear up and i started to think more clearly. i lost puffiness in my skin and the redness of my skin went away. did i mention that i could walk again!? this was amazing to me, but i couldn’t believe that food alone could have destroyed my body so badly. i give credit to the sun, the ocean, and my environment. i gave a little bit of credit to the food, but not as much as i should have. by the end of my trip i had learned so much about health and i was honestly overwhelmed at the brilliance of my “mom” allie, she is so wonderful and i love her to death! i learned that hair falling out in large amounts isn’t good, not having your period for an entire year also isn’t good, the birth control pill is horrible,  stress is even worse, and most of all, it wasn’t normal that I have all these aches and pains.

the end of my trip was coming up and i would soon be sent back into the chaos of the world. i still wasn’t convinced that food was the main contributor to my pain.

back home in alaska. i arrived back home in alaska and i switched back to my old eating habits; with the exception of some foods i couldn’t get the images out of my head like doritos, totino’s pizzas, milk and factory farmed animals. within 1 week, the pain came back, this time though, it hit me like a ton of bricks. i was so done. i threw out every ounce of GMO food i had, anything with fake ingredients was gone. i was so so so so so done. from that February 2014 i made a complete 180 in my diet and i will never go back. i had slip ups along the way; days i would eat something crappy on accident and feel it, or days i would “just try gluten to see what happens”. i constantly texted allie with questions; it is hugely important to have a support system.


moving forward. graduated and ready to take on the world, i conquered the life of deep sea fishing in alaska (with constant harassment from my loving gramps) and working at a remote lodge in the a tiny village in alaska with my new lifestyle (my gracious boss flew organic produce out for me every week, what a great guy!). needless to say, if i could accommodate my diet at these places, i could do it anywhere.

moving even further forward. i took a big step and moved to my beloved kauai. i finally felt at home again, i love that little island with all that is in me. back to kale, avocados, starfruit, pineapples, mangos, papaya, mint, greens and many other fruits all in the backyard. the ocean was a 5 minute walk away and God’s beautiful creation constantly invited me in. i was running at least 3 miles a day pain free! i got to help out allie with my the kids and was able to learn about hawaiian culture. the girls and i had organic cooking parties daily. i experienced my first organic halloween (interesting) & thanksgiving. it was such rewarding time

i took on a job with an engineering firm and began working on my engineering degree. my boss bought me organic lunches and flew me over to oahu for business meetings where we went out to a raw vegan organic restaurant (he thought i was a raw vegan). sounds like the life huh? oh yeah, I also drove a yellow bug & her name was daisy  (: too good to be true? keep reading.

then, i added yet another thing to my plate & decided to enroll at kauai bible college in january. in july of  2014 i accepted Christ as my personal Lord and savior so this was a big step for me in my faith. at kbc we lived in safari tents and the food they offered was horrible. they didn’t provide me with space to store my food and they wouldn’t allow me to cook. so, i didn’t buy food and ended up “eating” smoothies from a local health food store which became expensive. my health began to quickly decline. i was living off apples & almond butter, rice cakes & jelly and bananas. soon, i wasn’t even able to wake up in the mornings without feeling extreme fatigue. my friends from the island said “you look like hell.” boy were they right.

the rest of the story tomorrow!

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