Noodle(less) Minestrone

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Happy Friday! I have been super busy with work, other work and working on my little business. it’s almost as if I barely have time to breath some days! God is good and he is patient with me in this busy time though, his peace always shines through when the going gets rough.

 Today I have a yummy minestrone recipe for you that I created last week. We eat soup like 3 times a week now that it is winter. It was 4 degrees the day that I worked on this recipe so you could see what motivated me! Minestrone is a regular comfort food that is sure to warm you up on those chilly days. This one is going to do more than warm you up though, it is going to nourish your body and leave you feeling full!

The combination of bone broth, vegetables, beans and seasonings is a nutritional powerhouse. You get amino acids, protein & fat from the bone broth. the vegetables give you sulfur and antioxidants. The beans have the necessary carbohydrates and protein. lastly, the seasonings give you a delicious favor and some micronutrients! I recommend topping yours with avocado, sunflower seeds & nutritional yeast.

I know it may be hard not to scoop this down as fast as you can but remember to eat nice & slow. This will allow your body to digest the way that it needs to.

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