Come Hang Out With Me This February!

This is the mother of all conferences for foodies, health nuts and bloggers alike. You don’t need a fancy title, Instagram or blog to attend; just a craving for health and wellness. Let’s go!

Hey hey! I am so glad (as usual) that you are here. Thank you for stopping in and being curious today. That spirit is going to take you to so fun places in life. A few weeks ago I published a post about my side hustle and what it is that I do with this blog. If you didn’t have the chance to read it, head over here now.

There are so many amazing opportunities I have been given since starting my blog and nutrition business. One of the cool opportunities is that I get to go to California this coming spring as press for a FREAKING AWESOME conference. If you like swag bags, healthy living, wellness blogs/bloggers, getting your sweat on or learning about new information in the world of health, keep on reading. This conference is one that you can register for right now and it would be a fun event for your girlfriends, mom, boyfriend, sister, blogger friends or basically anyone to attend with you. You will get endless samples, endless information and network your heart out. Okay, okay, let’s talk about the specifics now.

Shift-con is the conference I am talking about today. This conference was started by one of the most influential women in the world of health, Leah Segedie, with the hopes of gathering like-minded people all in one space to have a dang good time. Leah is the founder of Bookieboo and Mamavation. She was also named “Best Mom” by Shape Magazine and one of the most influential women to change school lunch nutrition. I don’t know about you but a woman with that much umph has definitely earned the title of a BOSS BABE which his what we are all about here at Simplholistic. Shift-con is a place for health conscious brands, public speakers, bloggers and community members alike to gather together and make the world a healthier place. Some of the brands that will be there are Beauty Counter, Vital Proteins, REBBL, Goddess Garden, Simple Mills, Coconut Bliss, Natracare and Naturepedic. Some awesome speakers are going to be there this year like Anya Shinall, Dr. Jessica Shade and Pete Meyers, PhD.

Already sold? I like you! Sign up here to get your ticket right now.

The conference will be taking place in Irvine, California from February 1-3, 2018 at Hotel Irvine. If you are close to or from Irvine, you are set and can just carpool your cute butt there. If you aren’t, there are tons of hotels and Airbnb’s in the area that will turn your time into the fun vacation you deserve. I love to go with friends because you can split the costs of Uber, housing and food. Plus, these events are so much better to attend with a friend of family member that LOVES health. Irvine is a mecca for organic. GMO-free and colorful food filled plates. They also have wonderful gastro-pubs, a beach and Disneyland all within a 25 minute drive. Knott’s Berry Farm, The District and Santa Ana Zoo are also nearby attractions so, fear not, you won’t be bored. If all of this didn’t get your attention, maybe this guy will. If he is the only reason you’re coming to the conference; your secret’s safe with me.

The conference days will consist of keynote sessions, breakout sessions, snack breaks (duh), deliciously nutritious meals, yoga and networking. The sessions will cover subjects like

  • gut health
  • emotional healing
  • supplements
  • exercise
  • detoxification
  • mental health
  • brain power
  • and much more

There truly is no better way to jump into the world of health and bring a thousand other people with you. What a sweet gift we have been given as humans to build relationships that will last a lifetime. What’s even better is that we get to take home everything that we learn and apply it to our lives back home. We get to bring all of this knowledge back into our communities, act and change the lives of the people around us. Oh yeah and we get to bring the snacks home too because I know there are people like me with a love language of food. Bring me food and it will probably change your life.

Want to know something even better about Shift-con? I will get the chance to meet you in person! I have been dying to meet as many of you as I can because that’s better than chatting over Instagram and Facebook. I would love to sit with you for lunch, walk around the expo floor, swap faces on Snapchat or indulge in yummy treats. Be sure to find me and we will hang out. You can sign up here and PLEASE ask any questions you have. The link that I have attached for you to sign up with show them that I referred you and I so appreciate that. So, head over here to get your ticket today. I can’t wait to see you in February!

This is a wonderful article from the Huffinton Post on Shift-con.