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April 5 Favorite Things – In Stress

Every month I send out our 5 favorite things for the season I’m in to my newsletter community and I figured – HEY, why not elaborate in a blog post! So here I am 🙂 I’ll be sharing the top things I’m loving and the why behind them. This way you can get to know the things I do with some reasoning behind them. If it’s a physical product, you’ll get to know more about the brand/product and why I decided to bring it into my home. If you’re not on our newsletter, it’s gold but I don’t spam ya!

April was quite the month for our family (and march and this entire year haha) but this one is going to be focused on supporting your body in times of extreme stress. Enjoy!

April 5 favorite things - in stress it is hard to manage but lets do it

1 – Ranger Bison Jerky

You’ve heard me talk about the windward westward box in a previous email but this is for one of the items in the box. I had to include them in my April 5 Favorite Things! Ranger bison jerky and my personal favorite is the ancestral blend = bison liver! The bets part about their bison liver jerky is that it actually contains a lot of liver. Most brands claim liver in their products and it has a little sprinkle of liver. Not theirs!

Alex and Dave created the most delicious jerky blend with liver, spices and other simple ingredients. No soy, nitrates, high fructose corn syrup or other wild stuff you normally find in jerky.

We have multiple bags around at all times. In the snack drawers, car snack bin, diaper bag and we always bring it on hikes/backpacking and on airplane rides. It packs a solid protein punch and is really delicious.

Here’s the ​link for you to stock up​! Code SIMPL at checkout.

2 – Master Mineral Drink

This one’s worth the hype. Normally I’m all about save money and make it yourself but this one can’t really be duplicated. I was talking with my friend Noelle about making our own and she said she tried and really just sticks with their product. This is a game changer always but especially in times of stress when our bodies are burning through minerals at a rapid rate.

April 5 favorite things - in stress - master mineral drink

It’s a perfectly paired blend of magnesium, potassium, and sodium bicarbonate. It’s enriched with carbon dioxide to make it even MORE absorbable for you. This is important because a lot of supplements people take/drink are not even available to the cells/body so you’re just wasting money. But that’s not the case here.

I have mine a couple ways. Usually, just a splash in some water with maple syrup or honey or in some of my homemade juice that I canned or whatever is in season. You can also add it to your big Stanley water bottle if you’re into that kinda thing (I’m not a Stanley girl but hey, at least add minerals if you’re sipping that much water). I even make fun mocktails or Italian sodas with it!

Start hydrating properly – My code SIMPL10 works site wide!

3 – Greenfield Water Filters for our March 5 favorite things

A new partnership I am really excited about is this one with Greenfield Water Solutions. I have been an affiliate with them for a long time and promoted them for a long time but recently we honed in on an intentional partnership so I can showcase their INCREDIBLE products with you in more detail than a quick share on IG stories. They are a local-to-me company which makes me love them anymore because we’re all about local here. This is going to be all about their whole house water filter (code SIMPL) because their quality is truly unmatched. They actually just relaunched it in February and it’s been unavailable for months so the perfect time to invest in one is NOW.

march 5 favorite things - non toxic showering with a shower filter

Gary – the founder – is brilliant when it comes to water. Structured water specifically which is a hot topic in my world. Long before I knew about minerals and the metabolism I knew about structured water which is funny cause normally it’s not the first thing people learn about. I dove into the work of many before me and utilizing the free tool of structured water was a HUGE part of my healing journey. A foundational one, too. I still talk about it often in my course and in my ebook.

Now his kids are more involved in the company and are just as stoked about the topic as he is. Their whole house water filter (code SIMPL) includes:

  • Sediment micron filter
  • Pre pH adjustment technology
  • Filter for contaminant removal (including fluoride)
  • Carbon filter for broad contaminant removal (think heavy metals & PFAs)
  • Structuring and energizing vortexer (structured water!)
  • Descaler (important so you don’t get buildup)

You will choose between the well water and city water filter. But don’t worry. Zach and his family will walk you through every step to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need!

It’s made in America 🎉 and lasts 20,000 gallons. Then, they add crystalline quarts into the mix to give you a true spa-like experience. Imagine being in a hot spring, that’s the vibe we’re getting here. Then, the vortexer structures the water which increases hydration and cleansing on top of that soft water effect (not too much) and improved skin health. I am really so stoked for you to try it! This is the number one water filter I recommend (code SIMPL).

4 – Nebulizing Lung Blend

Okay, so if you haven’t been on IG you don’t know about our house situation. I encourage you to go read but I’ll give you a quick recap here: our home is full of toxic black mold. Yeah, cool. So, we have been needing some extra support we wouldn’t normally need. This is where the nebulizer comes in.

We started nebulizing when we were getting sick over and over and weren’t sure why. I made up a saline mix, added iodine and then some peroxide. It was crazy how fast it would clear up some thick mucus that was built up. Then, I took it to the next level with this Covara tincture thing I found from a brand that I trust. I added this and it really expedited healing for us and made a huge difference time and time again.

Grab your bottle here. code ASHLEE

5 – Root & Bones Powders

I could blab all day about Alyssas powders. They are one of my favorite wellness tools on the planet and I have used them for a looongggg time, like back when they came in little tiny brown sealable bags. They are sourced wonderfully and I trust Alyssa in all she does.

In times of stress adaptogens and other supportive things like mushrooms can really up the game. I notice a huge difference. I have taken them every day – in various forms – for the last 7/8 years and I never skip a day. My favorites are pine pollen, 5th kingdom, nurture and really anything to be honest. We have a huge stash in our home. Her marine collagen is very lovely as well.

I add them to drinks, desserts, sauces, marshmallows, gummies, juice and so much more.

Head here to shop and start feeling the goodness.

Did you enjoy our April 5 favorite things? See you next month for our May 5 favorite things!

April 5 favorite things - in stress

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