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Why This Green Living Conference Earns A Spot In My Busy Calendar!

Each year I set aside time from my busy schedule to attend this green living conference with no questions – why – because it changed my life and helped me to find a place in the wellness community. Last years’ Shiftcon was the first conference I attended and the family I made will forever mean the world to me. Beyond that, the food is delicious and the conversation’s even better; here’s how this year looked. Plus, a big congrats to Ari Adams the new CEO of Shiftcon!

Photo of homemade pop tarts with a white close and text overlay saying "Why This Green Living Conference Earns A Spot In My Busy Calendar!"

Why THIS Green Living Conference

If you’ve ever looked up “green living conference” in the United States, you’ll find hundreds. From $150 to $2500 there is a conference for every price point and topic. I chose Shiftcon because they put an emphasis on light to dark green. This means no matter where you are in the wellness and healthy living space, there is a place for you. And Leah (the founder and former CEO) held true to that.

I was welcomed with open arms into this tight knit community and continue to grow with their help, daily. All of these ladies (and a few men) walk their talk and are willing to help you in anyway possible. I mean.. we can all grow better as a collaborative team, right?

The Speakers

This year – Shiftcon 2019 – was filled with amazing speakers from bloggers to financial advisors to actresses (from Orange in the New Black). The topics included:

  • Getting started and growing on Youtube
  • Instagram and how to work it
  • Email lists and email marketing
  • Protecting yourself with contracts/legal information
  • How to grow big and fast with video
  • Photography 101 and beyond
  • Panels
  • Organic and why it matters
  • Mission driven companies and brands
  • How to start off an influencer

The list goes on and on. The first day (VIP track) offers information and sessions for more experienced bloggers and influencers so, there is something for everyone. My favorite sessions were on Course Creation and Finding Your Youtube Groove.

Shiftcon 2020 - Irvine California - Green Living Conference
Sign up by clicking this graphic!

Keynote Presentations & Meals

All meals are accompanied by a fantastic panel or individual speaker(s). Topics ranged from the science and studies behind organic to clean beauty to how to make change in a world where we seem so small. Here are the keynotes:

  • The Organic Trade Association with the science and facts about organic
  • Stonyfield and their #PlayFree initiative
  • Alysia Reiner from Orange is the New Black

These talks are priceless and filled with more information than you could possibly soak in over the course of one weekend. That’s why we take notes – so we can act for the rest of the year!

Special Events

REBBL Private Screening & Happy Hour

Hands down, my favorite event of the conference was the Happy Hour hosted by my favorite brand of all time: REBBL. They served cocktails, mocktails and other REBBL inspired recipes while they screened their new film on the amazing Brazil Nut. You may be like.. what’s so cool about a Brazil Nut? It goes far beyond the nut. REBBL is a mission driven brand that was born out of their mission to end human trafficking.

For years I have supported this brand by 1) constantly stocking my fridge with the delicious elixirs, 2) being an unofficial salesperson in the grocery store and 3) hosting wellness events and having their drinks there to share with the attendees. If there is one brand you can get behind today, it’s them. And by the way.. this isn’t sponsored in anyway by REBBL, I’m just a super fan.


Nothing is better than starting your day off focusing inward and setting the state for the rest of your (long) conference day. My sweet friend Nzingah Oniwosan of Yes Baby I Like it Raw taught the morning yoga and led us through a swift yet gentle practice.

Shiftcon 2020 - Irvine California - Green Living Conference
Want to sign up? Early bird tickets are available through the end of this year!

Welcome Reception with Perdue

I know what you’re thinking “what the hell was Perdue doing at a green living conference?” the same thought as a majority of the attendees. But I implore you to have an open mind and believe that even big corporate brands can make positive changes for our health and the environment. Perdue hosted the welcome reception and served tater tots, brisket and queso.. who wouldn’t be into that?

They talked about the changes they are making as a family owned business (yep, they are family owned!). It’s exciting to see big names making changes for the environment. Have faith and support them in making organic an affordable option for families without the means to otherwise buy organic. Also, keep an eye out, there is something BIG in the works with these guys!

Sustainable leather working workshop at White Oak Pastures in Georgia. An extension of the Shiftcon green living conference .

The Food

Since it’s a green living conference, there are lots of healthier alternatives. For instance, all morning pastries and bread items are gluten-free. There are no GMO’s in any of the food. Lots of brands sponsor the event like Mountain Rose Herbs for the tea, Stonyfield for the Yogurt, American Bison Association for the Bison and many many others.

With that being said, I am looking for a bigger push for organic next year. Organic guarantees your food is free from 750+ chemicals and that’s one of the pillars in my private nutrition practice. That plus more local and seasonal would be amazing!!

My favorite meal was definitely the bison, roasted carrot, asparagus and the big salad. I love me some bison!

My Favorite Brands + Some New Ones

The ShiftCon Shifter Awards

The annual ShiftCon Shifter Awards Ceremony is a great way to highlight extraordinary people in this space. Everyone is extraordinary but these people have been highlight and recognized by their colleagues which is the greatest honor. The sponsors this year were REBBL, Numi Tea, Nutiva and Lotus Foods (all part of the OSC2 Network).

Shifter of the Year: Carolina of Mama Instincts

Best Healthy Recipes: Krysten Dornik of Krysten’s Kitchen

Eco-Wellness Rising Star: Me.. with Simplholistic! (thank you for voting for me!!)

Best Natural Parenting Blog: Aaronica of The Crunchy Mommy

Best Green Beauty Blog: Irina of I Read Labels for You

A Green Living Conference with a Community Like No Other

As I mentioned above, the community here is like no other. I know that each year I am showing up to have meals and conversations with friends I met on Instagram. Brands that I have worked with for years become in real life friends. There’s something special about that. As a youngster in this community (I’m 23 as I write this), I look up to all of these incredible women. What a freaking crowd to have as role models. God is so good to bless me with them. A few of my favorite people from online that I got to see this year (check out their pages and follow them if you don’t already):

  • Leah Segedie – @mamavation
  • Kate Kordsemier – @rootandrevel
  • Aaronica Cole – @thecrunchymommy
  • Andrea and Lisa – @naturallysavvy
  • my Happsy team (hi!) – @happsysleep
  • the REBBL team – @rebbl
  • Lisa Fennessy – @thisorganicgirl
  • and I know I am missing a ton more

So, if you’re on the fence about which green living conference to attend.. I think I have decided for you. Next year it will be in Irvine, California and I can’t wait to see you there! OCTOBER 8-10th, 2020

Shiftcon 2020 - Irvine California - Green Living Conference
CLICK THE DESIGN to sign your booty up and let’s hang out next year in Irvine!
Photo of homemade pop tarts with a white close and text overlay saying "Why This Green Living Conference Earns A Spot In My Busy Calendar!"

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