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Every Reason You Should Start Grounding.. like yesterday

The effects of effects of grounding on inflammation are profound. There is nothing that has helped me to heal a sprained ankle or chronic back pain more than this free medicine. Best of all, it has no side effects like man-made drugs!

Text over a background of red dirt with feet in it saying "every reason you should start using this free natural medicine, today + positive effects of grounding on inflammation!"

What is grounding / earthing?

Grounding is a simple practice that’s been used since God created us – since the beginning of time – to reap the benefits of the Earth’s energy. Did you know you’re an electric being? Whoa! So many people don’t understand that we are electric beings and some even gawk when I say the word ‘energy‘ because they think I am being New Age.

There is nothing New Age (yes, I’m talking to you Christians) about touching your bare feet on the Earth to absorb and be covered in the free electricity it provides. Plus, the effects of grounding on inflammation are beyond amazing and it’s completely free. Grounding is just that, touching your bare feet on the unadulterated Earth and soaking up the benefits of the electric medicine.

effects of grounding on inflammation - girl in swim trunks and girl in a red bathing suit at a beach that's on the great lakes with a brindle pitbull dog

Why is grounding helpful?

Electrically conductive contact with the Earth produces quiet intriguing effects that you can’t go another day without learning. Since the Earth gives off free electricity… where does it go? When your feet touch the Earth, electrons enter in through your body and begin to saturate your cells. They provide an antioxidant effect.

These mobile electrons surround the injury repair field which slows of prevents reactive oxygen species (ROS) from an oxidative burst. This “collateral damage” can damage healthy tissue and form an inflammatory barricade. Grounding can even shift your nervous system from the sympathetic (stressed) to the parasympathetic (chill) mode.

What’s amazing is that your cells act like a water bottle and will hold tons of electrons inside of them. The effects of grounding on inflammation happen because of this process. When you have cells saturated with the Earths electricity, you have something called inflammatory preparedness. Inflammatory preparedness allows you to recoup and recover quickly from injuries, sickness, etc. since your body is ready to fight back. It’s one step ahead and you aren’t fighting from the ground.

Where should you/should you not ground?

Here are a few of my favorite places to ground: sand, dirt, clay, rocks, mud, ocean, river, pond, lake and grass. As long as you are in a clean, pesticide, chemical-free environment, you can take your shoes off and ground baby ground!

Rock climbing, surfing, running the beach, swimming, barefoot hiking and playing out in the grass are common ways we ground!

You want to avoid grounding in EMF-buzzing areas like big cities with wires running underground, where pesticides have been sprayed, where there are harmful contaminants, where there is farming run-off and where you can’t find any weeds! Weeds = no roundup or glyphosate!

Hey, you can ground inside too, ya know!

Did you know that in a last ditch effort (when you cannot get outside.. like actually CANNOT get outside), you can ground inside? You can ground while you are sleeping on a sheet you place on your bed. Or, you can ground with grounding mats while you are working on electronics to reduce the effects of EMF. We use these in the van to keep us grounded when we are plugged in!

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Effects of grounding on inflammation + more:

  • smaller chance of DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness)
  • increased sleep
  • decreased pain
  • decreased inflammation
  • antioxidant benefit
  • reduce snoring
  • protect the body from the effects of EMFs
  • inflammatory preparedness
  • get your circadian rhythm back on track (yay sleep & sex!!)
  • normalize blood pressure and flow
  • reduce chronic pain (I am a testament to this!)
  • restore hormone and adrenal health

How grounding has helped me and the chronic pain I’ve dealt with

Grounding and returning to nature has been the best form of medicine for me. It’s worked when nothing else has and moves the meter when nothing else did. I dedicated an entire blog post to things that ACTUALLY work to heal my gut and health and this is one of them. Be sure to read that here!

Grounding + reducing EMF exposure helped the chronic back pain I’ve had for years disappear. My skin cleared up and my hormones have started to normalize. I got my period back and don’t experience painful periods anymore. My sex drive returned and I have proper pupil dilation now (which I haven’t had for years). My vagal nerve has finally calmed and I am getting cold adapted. I highly highly highly recommend it.

If the positive effects of grounding on inflammation haven’t sold you.. I don’t know what else to say. It’s free, scientifically proven medicine that is totally underused and underrated. You have to try it out. Have you ever tried grounding? Comment below and tell me your experience!

A picture of a girls feet in red dirt with a blue banner and text overlay saying " Every reason you should start using this free natural medicine today + the effects of grounding on inflammation"


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