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Natural Healing When Nothing Else Works (like food and supplements)

If you’re wondering how to actually heal your gut, this is just for you. Every women that comes on as a client with me adheres to the these top 5 wellness changes for gut health. Before we move forward, they must show they have tried and are committed to these changes. Then, we will move towards the next steps! I truly believe they are the foundation upon which true health is built. Trust me, I tried it all. Take a look at my healing journey to learn a bit more!

Cover photo with a wooded background and guy in a flannel drinking organic tea with text overlay saying " How to actually heal your gut when nothing else (like food) has worked".

You may be wondering well… Ashlee, why not other things? Why can’t I just take 30 supplements a day? Why can’t I continue working out two hours a day? Can’t I just take some kind of protein shake? I hear these questions all the time and these things simply do not work. You can chug turmeric lattes all day long but if you never get your naked eye out in the sun, your body will continue screaming. If you buy $500 worth of supplements monthly but never get grounded, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll ever heal.

1 – Chemical free water and food

You’ve heard that you need to stop eating junky packaged foods but sometimes that’s not enough. Instead, focus on eating chemical-free seasonal food that you know the source of. Two good examples of this would be: (1) shopping at a local farmers market and (2) choosing food with the organic label whenever possible. A couple poor examples are: (1) buying items with non-organic animal products and (2) filling your cart with mostly junk like chips, cookies, fruit juice and refined sugar.

You can find organic eggs at a roadside stand for $2 a dozen. Or you can find organic eggs at a local market for $5 a dozen. It fits everyones budget.

Don’t forget the water! You MUST be drinking clean water without any harsh chemical additives like fluoride or chlorine. Not to mention, most water samples from tap (municipal) water contain birth control, human feces, animal waste, sewage sludge and antibiotics. Read more about that here!

You can get a great water filter with any budget. This pitcher is great for a tighter budget. You can choose this countertop filter for a bit more money. Or, you can go all the way and get an under-the-sink filter. (code SIMPLHOLISTIC)

Tap water Insights - chlorine

2 – Dark sleep without blue light

This is the most underrated free change you can make for your health. All it involves is a little self-control and black out shades (or a blanket with thumbtacks!). Sleeping in a dark environment in a non-toxic bed is crucial if you plan on healing anytime soon. The darker your room, the better communication to your hormones that it’s night and time to rest and detox.

Blue light is a spectrum of light that’s putting us into an epidemic of chronic sickness. Our melatonin is shot, we can’t sleep, we have no sex drive and it’s destroying us from a cellular level. It dehydrates our cells, we can longer function and we begin to waste away. Think chronic pain, joint aches, poor vision, low libido, acne, restlessness and the list goes on.

These simple changes can be made by turning off screens after sunset (computer, TV, phone, tablet, etc). Purchasing blackout shades or pinning up a blanket to cover windows and artificial light. Wearing blue light blocking glasses that actually work; I avoid most on the market. Feel free to contact me for the ones I love.

3 – Nature’s sunlight medicine

Get outside, as naked as possible, for a long as possible. Exposure to the sun on your bare skin and naked eye does amazing things for your health. I will say of all the things I’ve tried, this has been the most promising. As a result of “sunning”, my skin cleared up, back pain disappeared and my sex drive returned.

Make sure you watch the sun rise each morning and the sun set each evening. This helps to rester your inner clock (circadian rhythm), balance hormones and promotes healthy sleep. Additionally, keep the glasses off. You heard me, ditch the sunglasses and take off your prescription glasses while you watch the sun rise. Prescription glasses have UV blockers.. precious UV is what you want to hit your eyes first thing in the morning. Contradictory to what you’ve heard, huh.

If your eyes water when you are out in the bright sun, they are trying to create a magnifying glass to absorb more red light from the sun. You might just be blue light toxic if this happens. I know I was.

4 – EMF-reduced environment

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequency and they are all around us. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to be going anywhere and are actually increasing by the minute. Day after day, a new 5G tower goes up, water towers are covered in cell towers and they are putting towers inside your car. This is not natural and our bodies do not react well to this man-made radiation. You can’t ask how to actually heal your gut if you don’t look at this piece of the puzzle.

It dehydrates your cells, starves you of energy and robs you of your sleep. I cannot stress – enough – the importance of ditching EMFs in your home and creating habits that will keep you away from this dangerous radiation. If you want a full guide to creating an EMF-reduced home, go to my sweet friend Dr. Allie’s website. You can download your handout there. A few tips:

  • hardwire your router and modem for internet
  • turn off your wifi at night (or the hardwired router above)
  • keep your phone off your body AT ALL TIMES
  • never put your laptop on your lap, stomach, etc.
  • get your smart meter removed from your home
  • keep your phone away from your ear, please
  • drink deuterium depleted water (say whaaa?)

5 – Sweating (detoxing)

The important of sweating and detoxing has always been important but in todays EMF and blue light filled world.. it’s even more crucial. The effects of the accumulation of these harmful things can clog up our bodies and keep us nice and toxic. If our bodies are toxic, they won’t release because they are trying to protect us. It probably leaves you wondering how to actually heal your gut.

Get outside, run, jump, swim, hike, lay out in the sun and just sweat! For everyone’s sake, avoid the dang juice cleanses. Intense detoxing like that can be extremely harmful for your health.

The best way is to go into a sauna, sit outside or go for a walk. Whatever it is, just sweat sweat sweat.

How to Actually Heal Your Gut

I’m done with the “if you eat organic everything will heal” or “all you need to do is workout more and you will lose that weight”. I call bull crap. It’s never worked and it won’t ever work.

Unless you clean up your environment (and I mean more than removing fragrance from your house) it you’ll never learn how to actually heal your gut. It’s up to you. You can make the necessary lifestyle changes and sacrifice some of these first world luxuries or you can stay stuck. What will it be?

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