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Shiftcon – Eco Wellness Influencer Conference & Beyond

Happy Saturday babes from sunny Eastern Washington. I am so glad to see the sun and to actually feel it’s warmth! I went to Shiftcon in February and enjoyed all the sunshine, I think it might be making its way here.

shiftcon eco wellness influencer conference

shiftcon eco wellness influencer conference

If you are a health nut, green influencer or food blogger, you’re in the right place. Now, keep on reading because it’s about to get good. If not, keep reading because you’ll discover new products and learn about the small steps you can take to be a fighter for health and wellness. Plus, you’ll get to learn about the green living industry which is super fascinating to people like us!

Earlier this year, I attend Shiftcon and what a flippin’ treat it was. Shiftcon is a green living conference that brings together bloggers, speaker, influencers, brands and other world changer into one building. They come from all around the world to attend this weekend event. The speakers were amazing, the brands were incredible and the food was KILLER. Allergen-free options at every meal, organic, grass-fed and all. You know, all the buzz words at one table.. except they actually meant something. Basically, I was in heaven on earth and couldn’t even imagine what actual heaven will be like!

The food at Shiftcon.

Leah and her crew embarked on a wild adventure to cater to a bunch of health nuts and they killed it. Local brands sponsored the event, providing the highest quality products available. American Grassfed provided grass-fed meats, Stonyfield provided grass-fed dairy products and Made in Nature provided snacks like dried mangos, coconut chips and energy balls (I had 4000 energy balls in one weekend). Forager and Beauty Counter sponsored breakfasts. Lunches sponsored by Stonyfield, Just Thrive and Organic Valley. Dinners were put on by Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and Nutrigold. Plus, the happy hour was sponsored by Made in Nature and yes… our party was accompanied with organic alcohol and Health-Ade Kombucha.

shiftcon eco conference

shiftcon eco conference

We had choices like sweet potato pie with coconut cream and an edible chocolate leaf, yogurt parfaits, Kitchfix waffles, Hip Chicks chicken, delicious salads, gluten-free brownies and much more. I’ll just put it out there and say that I ate 3 pieces of pie at the awards ceremony.. no shame. Needless to say, we were well fed and I felt like I never stopped eating.

“You know, all the buzz words at one table.. except they actually meant something here.”

The Expo Hall

There was an incredible line up of brands in the expo hall this year. I’m going to list them all so, screenshot this or get our your notepad because this is going to be good.

Earth mama, GMO-verfied, Astaxanthin, Sea Snax, Betsy’s Best, Mom’s Meet, American Grass-fed Association, Genexa, Begley’s Best, Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, Stonyfield, Organic Valley, Forager, Made in Nature, Boiron, Replenology, Natural Health International, Only Organic, +CBD oil, Richard’s Grass-fed Beef, Green Vista Farm, White Oak Pastures, Oral Essentials

&& a few of my favorites are listed below:

Coconut Bliss – New release of the acai ice creams and OMG. Plus, the gluten-free ice cream sandwiches.
Clearlight Infrared Saunas
Apple Gate – They had themed snacks at their booth: nacho bar, guac, plantain chips and nitrite free meats.
Simply Real Foods – These ladies created a brand new online grocery store that’s Ashlee approved + no membership fee!
Mountain Rose Herbs, Beauty Counter, Health-Ade, Nutrigold
Vital Proteins – UMMM yes. I talk about them all the time & I finally got to meet them so, I was stoked about it. TRY THEM.
Garden Goddess – They have amazing essential oil perfumes (no fragrance) and sun screens that are actually safe!
Annmarie Skin Care – They are one of my favorite skin care lines and the women there are so sweet.
Thrive Probiotics – They are the first ever probiotics to have antioxidants that are released upon absorption (simpl10 for 10% off)


Outside of the food and brands, we had some incredible speakers come through. People from everywhere spoke on sustainability, gut health, women in the industry, grass-fed meat, sustainable fashion and much more. We sat in on DIY skincare sessions, talks about what’s going on in DC, how we can make cleaner swaps and how to be a voice or our future. I got to meet amazing bloggers and industry leaders. Jessica from Jessica in the Kitchen is my favorite. I got to meet Carolyn Scott Hamilton from Healthy Voyager and I will be releasing an interview with her in April. I met so many other amazing people and they are all doing incredible things for our health so, rest easy.

shiftcon eco conference

shiftcon eco conference

shiftcon eco conference

All in all, it was incredibly life changing and I can’t wait for next year. Are you going to join me or did you go? Comment

below so we can get together!

So, what’s next? How can you make a difference? Start by making small changes.. get a water filter, switch to non-toxic deodorant, buy grass-fed meat, source local and most of all don’t ever give up because every change is worth your health.

love you so much!


shiftcon eco wellness influencer conference




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  1. Awww I loved this post so much!! Plus, you were my favourite too!! I really really loved meeting you and you were so incredibly nice to my family too!! I can’t wait for us to hang out again!!

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