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DIY Spring Essential Oil Blend | Detox, Uplift, Enjoy

Don’t you love when spring rolls around and you get to pull out the spring essential oils? I mean, what a perfect way to use those oils that are hanging around the house. I sure love it because it gets all the smells going. Mountain Rose Herbs sponsored this post so I could create you a detoxing, cleansing and uplifting spring essential oils blend. If you’ve heard about oils – it’s for a reason- they’re amazing. So, what do you think, is Spring the perfect time to make healthy changes and detoxify your home?

DIY Spring Essential Oils | Detox, Uplift, Enjoy

When my husband came home he said “Ash, are you diffusing new oils?” He immediately knew that something new was brewing and it is powerful. Usually I can’t get essential oils to spread through our house but the blend below is filling our entire house, I’m so excited!

In the PNW it gets pretty muggy when spring rolls around and I thought.. I have to do something about this. I started looking up the benefits of different oils and what they have the potential to do which led me to this DIY post for you. Get a glass spray bottle, some spring essential oils and your creativity cap and let’s make some blends!

spring essential oils - mountain rose herbs

spring essential oils - mountain rose herbs

Spring essential oils

Essential oils are one of the earliest and most effective ways to get your cleanse on. Whether you’re diffusing, blending or creating with essential oils, they’re always an excellent choice. Did you know oils are highly concentrated or that they’re a cost effective tool for your health? Dang, give me all the oils. I was researching the history of oils and they’re so fascinating to me. Humans have been using oils since forever. Remember the Maggi that brought some to baby J, they knew what they were doing with the Frankincense and Myrrh.

Mountain Rose Herbs sources incredibly clean ingredients to make their oils. People test their oils rigorously and I certainly approve their standards of ethics and sustainability. Their oils are 100% pure and certified organic. Plus, they are farm to bottle. Sourcing of oils is as important as the sourcing of the food we put into our bodies. Since they are volatile compounds, we need to make sure we are using high quality oils that aren’t cheaply made/sourced!

spring essential oils - mountain rose herbs

spring essential oils - mountain rose herbs

Now, I’ve created a cleansing blend that can be an AHmazing addition to your spring cleaning regimen. Add it to baths, homemade soaps, detergent or spray bottles for an uplifting experience. Smells are crazy and if you’re smeller’s happy.. you’re probably happy!

The recipes

Spring Diffuser Blend
3 drops lime peel oil
3 drops sweet orange oil
2 drops lemon oil
1 drop vetiver oil
*add to your diffuser, I used this one!

Spring Room Spray
4 drops sweet orange oil
2 drops lime peel oil
2 drops atlas cedarwood oil
1 drop lemon oil
6 oz. aloe gel
6 oz. hydrosol
*mix all & place in a glass bottle like this one

All oils I used for these mixes are found here! They are 100% certified organic, fair-trade, wild harvested and ethically sourced.

Next, want to do an at-home spa day with you girlfriends, sister, mom or even by yourself? Here’s my post ALLLL about that.


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