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Seasonal, Local, Organic Pie from Bean & Pie (GF)

Oh hey, boy do I have a treat for you pie lovers: local organic pie!

local organic pies - bean and pie

local organic pies - gluten free - pnw

Not too long again, I came across Bean & Pie, a seasonally focused local organic pie company in the Pacific Northwest. Katy – the owner – developed a love for pie when she was a little girl. That love has carried her into her thrive pie company, Bean & Pie. After a career in fashion merchandising, she was ready mingle her passions for sustainability, local and seasonal sourcing and create this company. Along with baking, spending time with family, being outdoors and butter are her favorite things in life. Sounds like the perfect combo for a humble pie maker if you ask me!

Right now, Katy rents a small commercial kitchen where she makes pies in small batches. You can purchase her pies online, custom orders or at local community events. One day, she hopes to open up a farm-to-table drive through where you can get a good cup of coffee and PIE. What a dream!

“Small changes add up to a lot. We want to do our part to leave the world in a better place….”

local organic pies - gluten free - pnw

local organic pies - bean and pie

Local organic pies with a purpose

  • No junky fillers or preservatives
  • Local and seasonal sourcing
  • Reusable baking tins (that you can reuse!)
  • Recycled post-consumer cardboard boxes
    • no extras trees hurt in the making of these boxes
  • Compost and waste reduction practices
  • Sharing approved pies (i’m talking to you!)

local organic pies - bean and pie

local organic pies - gluten free - pnw

local organic pies - gluten free - pnw


Katy made my birthday pies and they were the most delicious pies I have ever had, no joke. They were the perfect amount of everything: sweet, crunchy, soft and filling. She even created a happy birthday design with the gluten-free crust that was browned to perfection. Plus, the crumbly topping brought me back to my childhood and that’s always a good thing. Crispy crust, gooey filling and good fellowship made for a perfect night with friends. Now, here’s a little bit of what my friends said:

“Holy crap! This is gluten-free.. how?”

“This is hands down.. the best pie I’ve ever put into my mouth.”

“Okay, this is all I want for my birthday for the rest of my life.”

“Ashlee! Bless you for sharing this!”

If you are drooling, don’t worry, I am too. You can head over to to order yours. Visit the site often because the selection is always changing. && don’t be too shy to request your favorite pie because Katy is a jack of all things pie and can make it! Oh and don’t forget, these are GLUTEN-FREE. Heck yes, heck yes, heck yes.

Are in in the mood for some other delicious desserts? Here is one of my favorites: Dairy-Free Huckleberry Cheesecake


local organic pies - bean and pie


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