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Instant Pot Chicken Curry Soup | Less Than 1 Hour

We all have those delicious comforting recipes we love. You know, the ones that warm our hearts, minds and tastebuds at the same time. This delicious chicken curry is one of those recipes. All you need is a few simple ingredients, a few minutes and an instant pot and you will feel like you’re in another country enjoying their incredible cuisine.




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Instant pot chicken curry - gluten & dairy free

instant pot chicken curry soup

So, let’s talk curry

Curry is a spice that is usually a powder but can also be in the form of a post (or a leaf if we want to get complicated). Thai, Indian, spicy, sweet, green and red are different options when you’re choosing what’s for dinner tonight.

This golden-yellow spice is sold everywhere these days – online, in stores or at local markets. Usually the powder consists of turmeric, coriander, ginger, cloves, cumin and a few other spices. All of these spices contain different phytonutrients that contribute to overall well being and total health. What a freaking awesome powerhouse put into a small glass container!

So, let’s cook with the powder today. I picked mine up from a local store and used it to make this delicious chicken curry soup. 1 pot, a few ingredients and a little time is all you need to make this chicken curry from the comfort of your own home. Here’s what you’ll need:


curry powder

coconut milk (canned)

onion & garlic

organic chicken broth

sea salt


chili powder

smoked paprika

fresh ginger


instant pot chicken curry soup

instant pot chicken curry soup

Let’s make it!

In the instant pot
3-4 chicken breasts
1 can coconut milk (full-fat)
32 oz. chicken broth
2 T. curry powder
sea salt
chili powder
1 jalapeno (optional)

1 onion, 6 garlic cloves & 1 tsp. fresh grated ginger

– add into the instant pot with the other ingredients
– press poultry (30 minutes), set to seal & go do something you love!
– top with cilantro & lime juice once it’s done & you’re set
Follow it with up with these delicious grain-free brownies and you’ve get yourself covered!

What’s your favorite curry recipe? Let me know below because I am crazy for curry!


instant pot chicken curry soup



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  1. Pam Treffehn says:

    Sounds delicious, but I need some clarification.
    What do you mean by “ press poultry (30 minutes)“

    • ashlee says:

      On the Instant Pot, there is a ‘poultry’ button. Press than and then adjust the time to 30 minutes! I hope that’s helpful 🙂

      • Pam Treffehn says:

        As a person who has only ever used Manual or Steam on my Instant Pot, after I wrote the question, I googled ‘pressed poultry’ – there IS such a thing. When I finally went and LOOKED at my Instant Pot – it was a Smack Head moment!


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