Whole-Food Frittata

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This recipe is one that was super fun, easy & delicious. It is one of those “I have no food in my fridge” meals because the reality is, you do! All you need is eggs, veggies & seasonings for the refreshing meal. Filled with protein, fiber, healthy carbs & antioxidants. I always throw some turmeric powder in the egg mix for a little extra nutrient content. These meals are so fun to make because you can make them yours. Now, go on, impress your guests & family 🙂

It’s a plus if you have avocado, salsa or sauerkraut in the fridge because they make it THAT much better. Sauerkraut is going to put some good gut bacteria in your belly. This is good because the more good gut bacteria you have, the less harmful bacteria you have in there! Avocados are going to add healthy fats to your breakfast & you’ll notice you won’t find yourself hungry only 1 hour after eating! You can store this for later, eat it all up or bring it on the road.

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