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I am so excited that you are here because this is about to be the shortest read of your life. Maybe not the shortest but pretty dang short. I am letting you in on a little secret that’s not so secret anymore. If you want to know:

  • what I do for blogging
  • how you can start a blog
  • how you can start a business
  • how to get into a network
  • how to make new friends (seriously)
  • how this….. became this….
1st blog photo
blog photos now!

Click my link below. It will change your life and I say that with confidence because it changed mine.

THE game changer

If you want to know a little bit more about this subject, head over to my other blog post on “side hustles”.

Love you & hope you have a wonderful day.

xoxo Ashlee

Effective Multi-tasking In 3 Steps

hey guys, i cannot believe that it is already the 2nd week in january. time sure does fly when you are having fun! we have been snowboarding, hiking, road tripping and crafting. staying busy keeps us sane in the frigid winter months… it’s like 4 degrees outside (YUCK!) i have been noticing that i do things just to cross them off my mental list. if you are anything like me then you 100% understand what i mean. i am going to talk about the importance of effective multi-tasking. i hope you enjoy!

one of my goals: working more with clients

the near year is filled with lots of new everything; work, school, sports, volunteering & goals. it is easy to become overwhelmed with the unknown but to try and absorb it all anyways. this is not good because it will lead to burn out. a little trick that i have been doing for about a year now is to pick 3 commitments and go hard. by doing this i can be both mentally & physically present. before i started this i was in a constant state of la-la land, never paying attention and always ancy to get to the next thing. this blog, work & building up my new business are my 3.

take your pick & dump the rest.

the next thing is to make a to-do list in the beginning of the day and keep it to less than 5 tasks. these should be bigger tasks that you need to get done to make progress with whatever it is that you’re doing. this can be building a business, getting you time, writing a blog post, working out, etc. nothing feels better than getting those big tasks crossed off your list. then, anything that is extra you can write down & cross off! another fantastic blogger, Nicole Culver <INSERT LINK>, does this same thing and she will talk it up all day long.

cross off those big tasks & feel accomplished.

 this one ties in with the previous one, focus. look over your list and decide which you will do 1st. I use the planner I wrote about in THIS post. open the necessary tabs for that task (if it requires a computer) and do not open any other distractors i.e. social media sites. turn your phone on silent and get to work. by having ONLY relevant tabs open you will not be tempted to veer off track. for some reason, when it comes to doing work, we are like dogs that see squirrels!

focus & do work.

 now you have my game plan.

  1. take your pick & dump the rest
  2. cross off those big tasks & feel accomplished
  3. focus & do work

let me know how you take control & cease the day. i can’t wait to hear!