I didn’t have an upper hand or special advantages when I started my healing journey. I grew up eating Tostinos Pizza, Poptarts, Lucky Charms and Hamburger Helper when I was feeling a fancy dinner. Phew, glad to get that off my chest.

Can I ask you why you’re actually here?

hey, I'm Ashlee

You feel like you’ll never heal and like there’s **nothing** that can possibly help YOU. You're tired, your adrenals need some major love and you’re not sure what the HECK is going on with your thyroid.

You’re frustrated, feel like you’re running out of time and sick of the constant digestive issues.

I remember - deeply - the arrival of my period every month and wondering if I’d ever get pregnant. Even more, the days turned into weeks of my period never arriving when I knew I wasn’t pregnant. It sucks to be bloated 24/7; I get it. My husband literally had to rub my stomach every night in order for me to fall asleep.

I know how it feels to look in the mirror every day wondering why my acne won’t go away.

The pain and confusion I went through is the reason I created my course and pour my heart and time into thousands of women every day. My clients and students achieve VERY REAL results that are duplicated time and time again. How? Because it just makes sense to support our bodies where they are. You can enroll in my course Bare Naked Hormones or apply to work 1:1 with me.

Then.. I healed. It was unbelievable.

I continued to research and eventually found what I had been looking for. A physiological approach to supporting my hormones. One that wouldn’t cost me thousands of dollars or any more wasted time. I returned to nature and found the simplicity in healing with it. 

I was so far in the pits for 8 years and I truly didn’t see a way out but I knew giving up wasn’t an option so I carried on.

I also happen to be super into van life, kauai, saturday morning sourdough pancakes, building forts with my little boy and day dreaming with my husband. See.. I’m just a normal girl. I’m here to put you back in touch with your God-given health and I’d love it if we started like.. today!

“My lips are looking fuller and my super high widows peak that is a family trait I thought I’d have forever, is filling in. I’ve never had this much hair in my whole life!”

Beautiful femininity

“My cellulite has almost disappeared and my legs are looking fineeee.”

healthy lymphatic system

“I had a BM every day for a week straight!!! That hasn’t happened in almost 10 years!!!”

properly detoxifying


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