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Educational Articles

Since I’m all about teaching you to be your OWN health advocate, here are some compelling articles I have gathered over the years on a variety of different topics. Happy reading.


Neurogenerative Health & Ceruloplasmin Oxidation


One of my favorites, made everything CLICK: Iron Toxicity #75

Iron & Menopause

Physiological Stress & Iron Absorption

Iron the Most Toxic Metal

Iron Post Index from Morely Robbins

Stress Hormones, Iron & Catecholamines


Chronic Fear, Hypoxia and Insulin Resistance

HTMA (Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis)

Metabolic Typing

Why the HTMA Test


Thyroid, Copper & Ceruloplasmin

VITAMIN (steroid hormone) D

All things Hormone D

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3 Ways to remineralize and support your hormones

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