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Which Simplholistic service is right for me?
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Is the Bare Naked Hormones course right for me?
So glad you asked! Take this quiz to help clarify the answer.
What's most important to us is that when you invest you're ready.

What's the cost?
It depends on the level of support you're looking for. Take my free quiz to assess which service fits your lifestyle best.

Here are the options (pick a place to start and it might be all you need):

After I buy a program, what's the cost?
It really is highly dependent upon the areas you need additional support. But generally, in addition to change in food quality, light bulbs, etc. it could look like this.

  • $200 Water Filter
  • $100 Magnesium & Organs
  • $100 A New Cooking Pan
If someone has more needs, it could be more. But if someone has those things already, it could be less.

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