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DIY Homemade Gifts

DIY homemade gifts are the essence of simplicity. I absolutely love the concept of intentionally gifting, bringing less toxins, waste and other junk into the home. There are so many homemade gift ideas that you can make yourself without spending a ton of money or having an art degree.

Think DIY, Homemade, Nontoxic and Natural

With a minimum of ingredients you can offer some beautiful homemade gifts. For example, you can make DIY beeswax candles with purchased wicks that are set in cute containers. (Check your local thrift store for tea cups and ramekins). Then, melt beeswax and pour in and allow to harden. Another option is my PUFA aware body butter recipe uses just 4 simple ingredients that can all be ordered from Mountain Rose Herbs. I have made batches of this amazing body butter and given them away as Christmas and mama gifts! It isn’t just for mamas though. It’s so so hydrating and my husband is obsessed with it. I use it for dry lips and I put it on after every bath and shower and I got NO stretch marks!

Homemade Gifts From Around the House

Next up, do you have luscious, gorgeous houseplants that are growing out of their pots? You can start cuttings or divide the roots and plant new babies in clay pots that can be gifted with a simple bow. If you know how to sew, grab a few yards of linen at a local craft shop. You can create an apron from a simple pattern or dish towels (just cut and hem). Also, linen towels can easily be made into beeswax food wraps by dipping the fabric in a thin coat of melted beeswax. You can easily create your own bath minerals mix , placing it in pretty glass jars. Add dried roses, lavender, powdered organic milk or cosmetic-grade clay for scent and color. And be sure to tell recipients just how incredible mineral baths can be!

Homemade Gifts You Can Eat

Another idea that I love is edible gifts. They are amazing because they are guaranteed to be used and it’s fun to share a recipe or food that your family loves with others. Sourdough starter is a welcome gift! Just give a small amount of fed starter in a mason jar with instructions and a simple sourdough bread recipe. This gift will keep on giving every time your friend makes a loaf! Another idea is anything you’ve canned or preserved throughout the year and you have an abundance of. Applesauce, homemade elderberry syrup, jams, or even dried herbs are all great ideas! Recipes that you especially love can be carefully written on card-stock or in a small book.

Re-Purpose for Simple, DIY Gifts

Lastly, one of my favorite ways to give gifts is by re-purposing. For instance, a foraging basket. All you do is find a gently used or antique basket, adorn it with ribbon and give it as the perfect container for herb, berry or mushroom hunting. This is a great one for kids who like to pick up pine cones and rocks on hikes.

What are you planning to gift this holiday season?

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