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Get Grounded

If you’re struggling with insomnia, chronic pain and insane stress levels because you’re surrounded by WiFi signals and 5G networks and walking around indoors with your plastic-soled shoes, then you need to get grounded!

No, not a time-out in your room like when you were 12. Grounding means making an electrical connection to the earth’s energies. The simplest form involves walking barefoot on the earth. It’s something we’ve kinda lost touch with in our busy, modern-day society and that’s a sad thing because the benefits are pretty impressive!

Grounding can help you sleep at night

Because it normalizes your day to night cortisol rhythm, grounding can help you get your zzz’s. It has been proven in studies to reduce pain, lower stress levels, and shift the autonomic nervous system away from sympathetic (wired and anxious) toward parasympathetic (rest and digest). Grounding has also been shown to regulate heart rate while reducing blood viscosity (thickness), which means it could reduce the risk of heart disease. Plus, it can speed recovery after exercise and promote wound healing. Whew! Are your shoes still on after reading that incredible list?

Get your shoes off now!

It’s easy to get grounded. Just bare your soles and enjoy standing or walking on grass, beach sand, forest paths, stones or unsealed concrete. It doesn’t have to be limited to just your feet, either. You can sit on these surfaces, lie down in the park under a shady tree. You can garden while kneeling or sitting on the earth. Or, take in the morning sunrise while standing on your stone patio or front lawn. Read more about the benefits of sunlight.

If you want to take it even farther, there are several shoe companies that make amazing, minimalist shoes with grounding benefits. I love because they have ultra-thin shoes that conform to the shape of the foot, providing natural and unrestricted movement. You can purchase earthing pins on Amazon that can be inserted into the soles for grounding benefits. They are one of the sponsors of the Simpl Wellness Challenge so if you’re in on that, you could win a pair!

You’re not in on it? Come join the fun! Join the Simpl Wellness Challenge via email or here on Instagram.

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