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How to Properly Recycle – Clothes Too!

If you’re wondering how to properly recycle, then is post is just for you! This post was requested by a member of my Instagram community. I always love to dedicate posts to you when you ask me in DMs so, be sure to ask if you have a topic you want covered.

How to properly recycle

Always recycle

  • empty:
  • metal food cans
  • plastic bottles
  • beverage cans
  • clean office paper
  • newspaper
  • clean & flattened cardboard
  • glass (if your county takes it)
    • make sure you check first

Never recycle

  • plastic:
  • bags
  • cups
  • wrap
  • dishware
  • straws
  • food-related paper
  • paper cups
  • styrofoam
  • paper tissue
  • clothing
  • wood
  • tubes
  • furnitures
  • batteries
  • wires
  • electronics
  • garden hose
  • prescription bottles
  • needles
Pig eating plastic in haiti - How to Properly Recycle

How to properly recycle – Plastic specifics

Plastic with the numbers 1 or 2 on the bottom are recyclable. Before recycling 3-7 (again on the bottoms of the bottle), contact your county to see if they recycle these plastics. Remember, these plastics leach hormone disrupting and cancer causing chemicals into your body. So, avoid them at all costs and look at more details on how to properly recycle.

Compostable materials

Do not – I repeat – DO NOT put compostable materials such as plates, cups, spoons, fork or knives into the recycling bin. They are compostable not recyclable. This can contaminate good recycling. You want to either compost these items or throw them in the garbage. Ideally, there will be a BPI Certified stamp on the items.

Batteries and electronics

You must take these items to a designated recycling facility or a store that recycles batteries this is how to properly recycle! When it comes to recycling electronics, you need to do this properly as well. SERI certified electronic recycling facility <– that’s where you can go to find this.

Clothing and textiles + shoes

If I see another person throw their CLOTHING IN THE TRASH CAN.. I can’t even. This is so incredibly and ridiculously irresponsible. Find out how to recycle your clothes.. oh wait, that’s why you’re here. You go girl.

There are many stores that will mail you a recycle kit with prepaid shipping label, one of them that we use often is Marine Layer. They also give you $5 for each item up to $25. Wooo recycling and making money.

If you have shoes, you can drop them off at a Nike store or contact the brand directly. They are usually pretty awesome at working with you.

What questions do you have regarding how to properly recycle? Comment below!

How to properly recycle - you're doing it wrong

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