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Guest Post: Made in Nature – Let’s Get Dirty!

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Hey you, I am so excited because my favorite day of the year is upon us. The day of the year that we get to celebrate all things dirty and organic. Some people live for Christmas, Halloween or the first day of Spring but I live for Earth Day. This is the one day of the year that everyone is in someway reminded of the importance of our big blue earth. Even the people who aren’t into Earth day hear all about it on April 22nd because it is the hype of the moment! Every April 22nd since 1970 we have been able to celebrate this incredible day and the cool part is: over 193 countries celebrate as well! Here is my guide to making this Earth Day one to remember. So, let’s get going and learn how we can celebrate this Earth day together!


#1 Get dirty – There is such a huge obsession with over sanitation these days and it is totally not good for our health. We need daily micro exposures to dirt if we want to be healthy. I’m not just saying that, Dr. Axe is the genius behind this one. Have you ever head of an SBO? Probably not but that’s okay because I am here to tell you a little bit about them. SBO stands for Soil Based Organism and they are readily available in our soil and the food that comes from our soil. They are anti-inflammatory and they help to regulate our immune system. Basically, we need to eat more dirt! I am not telling you to go outside, grab a handful of dirt and eat it. I am telling you to get outside, eat local and worry less about germs.

#2 Celebrate Earth – Who doesn’t love a celebration, that’s right, nobody! Everyone loves a time to get together and have a party over something good and this something good is our Earth. Celebrating our planet is a fun thing to think about and I am going to give you some quick tips to get your brain stirring. When you are in need of produce, honey or meat, head to the local farmers market and support your community. If you are a city slicker I need you to get outside and go for a hike, go camping or go fishing. Even if you find a small park with a garden or trees, you are doing it! Looking for a fun event with your family or friends? Create a plan to be more sustainable this Earth Day. This can look like not using straws, using reusable dishes, carpooling or eating raw for the day. Another way you can celebrate Earth is to choose sustainable brands and support them with your dollar.

#3 Eat Clean – This is one of my all-time favorite ways to care for our Earth. Each day we get three chances (or more if you’re me) to choose with our forks. By this I mean we get three chances to choose clean, ethical and sustainable meals that will either nourish or deplete our bodies. Having a positive relationship with the food that comes from our Earth is super important. It allows us to influence those around us to make healthy choices and snack on nutritious goods! Get rid of those dirty thoughts and realize that snacking isn’t a dirty word. When we eat clean we feel good and are better able to hike, run, play and get out.

#4 Personal Favorite – Back in the section #2 (above) I mentioned the importance of choosing sustainable brands that you know and trust. One of my favorite brands is Made in Nature. They are a an incredible brand that is transparent and willing to answer any questions you have. Not only are they trustworthy, they are clean & delicious. Made in Nature snacks are 100% organic and non-GMO. They are free from preservatives, pesticides, sulfur, additives, colors and artificial flavors. They  are sweetened with goods straight from the Earth. Another cool thing is that they pick their fruit in peak ripeness which means you are getting optimal nutrients from their products. Woohoo! Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Ginger Masala Chai Coconut Chips
  • Maple Vanilla Coconut Chips
  • Super Berry Fruit Fusion
  • Mulberries 

Using the snacks above I created a delicious trail mix recipe that doesn’t require anything more than your hands and a bowl. That’s right, no oven, no mixer and no sticky sweeteners. It was so simple to make and I highly recommend that you do just that! It takes less than 2 minutes and everyone will love it, including the kids. 3 ingredients, 1 bowl & one happy belly 🙂

Be sure to go check out Made in Nature & to tag us in your creations! #getdirtyeatclean

To enter the giveaway, head over to my instagram account (tomorrow) and follow the directions there!

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