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The Non Toxic Organic Mattress I Chose + A Discount Code

When I started my hunt for a non toxic organic mattress, I had no idea where to begin. All I knew is that I wanted to sleep on something that didn’t have harmful chemicals like flame retardant or formaldehyde.. yeah, that’s in your conventional mattress.

I’m so glad you are here to learn all about the best non toxic organic mattress + some others I tried. You loved my post on organic clothing so, I figured this would be a great addition. Plus, I shared this over on Instagram and the crowd went nuts, I had several of you actually buy one after I shared some crazy facts about conventional mattresses

Happsy, brentwood, my green mattress non toxic organic mattress-2

Why A Non Toxic Organic Mattress Really Matters

We spend a huge part of our lives in our bedrooms so, keeping your room non-toxic and a sacred place is super important for your wellbeing. According to statistics, we spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping! Give or take – of course – I see you mommas. I will be there one day soon!

With all of this time in our room and on a mattress in specific, we need to open our eyes and minds to getting a non toxic organic mattress. Here’s why:

  • conventional mattresses contain formaldehyde
  • they also contain flame retardant
  • innersprings can amplify the dangers of EMF
  • cotton is the highest sprayed crop there is
  • people.. you know, people harvest these crops and made part of or all of your mattress and their working conditions are dangerous and horrendous

Formaldehyde, yes.. it’s in your mattress

Polyurethane foam is made up of many different synthetic chemicals; formaldehyde being one of them. Even the EPA says this stuff is dangerous and they suck at their job so… that’s saying something! Even brief exposure to this chemicals causes harm and can lead to toxicity.

“Higher exposures to PBDEs have been linked to decreased fertility, which could be in part because the chemicals may mimic your thyroid hormones.2 Previous research has suggested PBDEs can lead to decreases in TSH (thyroid-stimulating hormone).3” -Dr. Mercola

Van Life Minimalist Living & Organic Mattress

Flame Retardant

Since most mattresses are filled with polyurethane foam – which is highly flammable – they are treated with flame retardant. Flame retardant is linked to serious health risks like infertility, neurodevelopmental delays, behavioral problems and even birth defects. If infertility is a health risk, that means hormonal imbalance is a health risk and that’s what I talk about the most on this site.

What’s most important to remember is that these chemicals don’t just say in the mattress, chillin’. No, they leach out and collect on other furniture, air and in household dust! Then, mattresses sprayed with flame retardant chemicals can still catch fire.. whatta ya know?! None of this is found in a non toxic organic mattress.

Cotton, heavily sprayed cotton

Cotton is the #1 sprayed crop and 60% of it goes back into our food stream. 98% of USA cotton is conventionally grown and treated with harmful carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals. A few common ones are: phorate and methamidophos, endosulfan and aldicarb.

People & their working conditions

This ones hits hard for me because the working conditions the people – HUMAN BEINGS LIKE YOU – who make your mattress are horrendous. It’s similar to the clothing industry that you can read more about here. Then, you have the farmers that are in the fields spraying and harvesting these crops for your comfort. They’re being exposed to high levels of these chemicals and many of them develop neurological diseases; I know from experience.

Next time before you flippantly make a purchase just because you can, think every person that is involved. That’ll make you think twice.

The Organic Labels I Trust

Best: GOTS Certified – the product is 95% certified organic + it prohibits the use of formaldehyde, flame retardant and polyurethane foam

GOLS Certified – applies only to latex and ensures it’s only organic latex

Made Safe Certified – they screen for VOCs, solvents, reproductive toxins, fire retardant, endocrine disruptors, behavioral toxins, carcinogens and the list goes on. + their team is incredible

Okay: Oeko-Tex Standard 100 – limits the emissions that come off toxic compounds like formaldehyde and VOCs + prohibits the use of allergenic dyes, colorants and flame retardant

Others that are at least a start:

  • Greenguard
  • Greenguard Gold
  • CertiPUR-US
  • Organic
  • Organic Content Standard-100
Happsy non toxic organic mattress with Simpholistic. Save $225 with my code!

The Non Toxic Organic Mattress I Tried & The One I chose

I started my hunt for an organic mattress once we temporarily relocated from the PNW to Florida. I tried My Green Mattress, Brentwood Home and lastly, Happsy.

My Green Mattress: so uncomfortable, super springy and I woke up with a sore back + it smelt a bit like a farm which is the least of my concern but something I noticed

Brentwood Home: I really loved this one and it was super comfy. Then, I started digging into the research and found out they were doing a bit of greenwashing with their labeling. It turns out the certification they were using is old and doesn’t even apply these days. + only parts of the mattress were organic.

Happsy: Oh my Happsy, how you’ve changed my sleep. This is the one we have in the van and LOVE. It’s GOTS, GOLS and organic certified. Plus, they are Made Safe Certified which is fantastic! No polyurethane or synthetic latex is used in their mattress + they use organic cotton and organic wool. I am obsessed. We have their queen, pillows and mattress topper.

I have a code for you! HOLISTIC25 for $225 off + free shipping

I hope you are ready and empowered to make an educated buying decision for you and your family. Investing in a non toxic organic mattress isn’t cheap but it’s worth it in the long run!


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