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The Best Natural Antihistamine (natural allergy relief)

If you’re sick of OTC allergy meds not working for you, I’m stoked for you to learn about the best natural antihistamine I’ve found. Whether you have congestion, sneezing, coughing or itching, you don’t have to turn to toxic pharmaceuticals with crazy side effects. I mean.. have you ever researched Zyrtec withdrawals.. it’s nuts. You can follow the tips below and grab this formulation that’s already made for you!

This is a new series of posts I will be doing since my Natural Alternative to NyQuil post TOOK OFF and is #1 on Google.

The best natural allergy remedy that's non drowsy

Let’s Dive In.. What’s in OTC Allergy Medications?

Now, if you’re taking Allegra, Zyrtec, Clairitin, Zyzal, Benadryl or any other OTC allergy medications, you deserve to know what’s in them. Did you know there are three different kinds –

  • Nasal Steroids (corticosteroids)
    • look up “corticosteroid withdrawal” the body becomes highly dependent and has terrible adverse reactions once you stop taking it
  • Antihistamines
    • these have the ability to cross the blood brain barrier (not good)
  • Decongestants

In Benadryl, you have ingredients like D&C Red No. 27 Aluminum Lake, polyethylene glycol (PEG) and polysorbate 80. First, PEGs are a laxative made from ethylene glycol which just so happens to be the main ingredient in antifreeze. Next, red 27 is a toxicant that bioaccumulates and can lead to an increased occurrence in pituitary tumors. I’m not making this stuff up, it’s right on the bottle for you to see. Even more, kids products are usually worse due to colors and flavoring.

Here’s a breakdown of what’s going on

Allergies affect over 600 million people worldwide annually. We spend over $25 billion annually on allergic rhinitis morbidity alone. It’s a big deal! Histamines influence immunoregulation of acute and chronic inflammatory response. They block many different pathways in our bodies which can lead to cardiovascular, urinary and gastrointestinal adverse reactions. Most importantly, they are highly lipophilic and can easily cross the blood brain barrier. This intensifies the most dangerous adverse reactions.

When you feel allergies coming on during seasonal changes, when dust is floating around or when you come into contact with animals, an immune response takes place in your body. These allergens (like pollen) come into contact with the mast cells in your body and degranulate or burst. This burst leads to a leaking of the “itchy” histamines.

Normally, your liver would take those histamines and discard them like it is designed to do. Unfortunately, the liver has to worry about discarding all the other chemicals and toxicants we are bombarded with on a daily basis and can get overwhelmed. That’s when you start having major issues. So, make sure you are supporting your liver with lots of love. More on that in another post.

Side Effects of OTC Allergy Medications

  • Nasal Steroids
    • nosebleed
    • burning/dry/crusty nose
    • septal perforations
    • mucosal atrophy
    • contact dermatitis
  • Benadryl
    • crosses the blood brain barrier (no bueno)
    • causes drowsiness
    • causes neurological symptoms
    • difficulty concentrating
    • unsafe to drive or operate machinery
  • Claritin & Allegra
    • sleepy
    • dry mouth
    • nausea
    • headache
  • Zyrtec

Real Life Stories from People Like You

If you search Zyrtec withdrawals, you will see hundreds upon thousands of reviews from everyday people who are trying to get off of these drugs. See for yourself, here’s a study.

Go ahead, look it up. I’m all about teaching you to be an independent thinker!

So, What’s The Best Natural Antihistamine

While I LOVE this product more than any other I’ve found, it’s important you supplement with products like this.. not make them your only line of defense. It can be a great addition to a healthy lifestyle and truly works miracles. Remember, if you really want to support your overall health and immune system, you will look at the choices you make daily.

  • Do I drink filtered water?
  • Am I consuming too much sugar?
  • Is there a lot of stress present in my life?
  • Am I in toxic relationships?
  • Do I stay up too late?
  • Am I on my devices and indoors too much?
  • How often do I get out in nature and in the sun?
  • Is organic, whole food a regular part of my diet?
Van Life Low Waste Lifestyle

Then, you can look into specific areas like your diet. What are you eating? Do you eat lots of liver-taxing foods like refined sugar, refined oils, conventional animal products, alcohol, refined grains, conventional produce, packaged items or inflammatory foods?

Yeah.. I Want Something Already Made

The product I’ve sprinkled throughout this article is from Organic Olivia and it’s called Allergy Defense Tonic. It’s an herbal tincture formulated by my Instagram friend Olivia. She’s a master herbalist and has dedicated thousands of hours to her products and research.

Best of all, Allergy Defense Tonic is made with the best natural antihistamine, decongestant herbs with bronchiodilating properties like –

  • nettle leaf
  • ambrosia
  • turmeric root
  • lobelia
  • yerba santa leaf
  • eyebright

It’s a non-drowsy allergy remedy and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals like those found in OTC allergy medications.. Plus, you can use it as a preventative or as an acute remedy! It’s the best of both worlds.

See for yourself and grab some!

Testiomonal for Organic Olivia Allergy Defense Tonic

Testimonial for the best natural antihistamine

Here are two great blog posts on more of the best natural antihistamine tips and foods. One and two.

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  1. Lisa says:

    Will this work with severe allergies that cause rashes and blisters on mouth and eyes? Could possibly be a food allergy?

    • Ashlee says:

      It could, I don’t know your personal case!
      I would definitely check out food allergies though and get to the root of what’s up.

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