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Hey hey! Thanks again for being here. It gets me stoked to know you are spending your time productively to learn about how to increase your income (from home) in a reasonable amount of time. Lots of people are always on the search for get-rich-quick-schemes and I will tell you right off, this isn’t one of them. The Food Summit is much much more that that. It’s amazing.

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Still here? Cool, you’re dedicated and I like you. Although this isn’t a quick way to get rich, it is a great way to bring in some extra income on the side. This could potentially, in the future, replace your full-time job and free up your schedule for so many activities! Explaining to people what I do is.. interesting because it’s difficult to comprehend the fact that someone could actually work full-time doing something they LOVE. Right now, I am a full-time blogger/nutritionist and I couldn’t be happier (unless I was a missionary overseas). All of the photos in here are from different companies I have worked with, it’s incredible!

Non toxic sunscreen | reef safe

I get asked all the time why I started blogging and the answer is because I wanted to provide my friends, family and YOU with awesome resources, delicious recipes and INCREDIBLE care for your health. People were always asking for smoothie recipes, the best hikes and healthy restaurants so, I started compiling them and created my blog.

First, I blogged whenever I wanted to. Maybe I posted once per month; maybe I posted 6 times per month. I wrote about whatever and that is what I found out people liked. People like whatever! Mind you, all my whatevers revolve around holistic living but my posts cover all things in life, not just food.

Simplholistic started at Blogspot and later moved to Wixsite. Now it is at WordPress where I am quite content and loving life. I’ll tell you right now, there is much more to blogging than I ever imagined. Again, if you are in it for only the money and don’t want to put time into it, walk. away.

Simplholistic is growing up nicely, she’s a babe. I have built up a following of awesome health and eco-conscious friends. They share new found treasures with me and I share recipes, companies, adventure and education with them. Creating Simplholistic was one of the best choices I have made in my 21 years of life. Why, You ask? I have learned more about myself than ever. I have learned that:

I love to write
I love to educate
I love to teach classes
I love reviewing awesome products
I love pouring my time into something I love
I love sharing with YOU
I love the support I get from my tribe
I love that I create my own schedule
& I love that I am making a difference

To get up to where I am now, I had to spend abut 60-80 a week on top of school, work, church and being married. It was grueling but totally worth it. I had support from so many other bloggers, local businesses, my tribe & my dear husband.

People were constantly sending me resources and courses that would help me and that is what I want to talk with you about today. There was one course that actually grabbed my attention and had me more excited than ever. It was a group of awesome blogger bosses that were there to support, lift up, educate and push me to be the best I could be. Are you dying to know? I would be too! Keep on scrolling.

This course is called the Food Entrepreneur Summit and it is a place for experienced bloggers and new bloggers to grow, learn and connect. The 18 masterclasses that included in this course are designed to help you turn your blog into a business. By accelerating your growth and increasing your profit, you will be a full-time blogger before you know it!

You gain access to mp3 downloads, downloadable worksheets, videos and other freebies like “How To Create Great Images”, “Google Console” and “Profitable Affiliate Marketing”. What’s best about this summit is that there is no BULL CRAP. I am a hater of fluff, unloaded promises and, as I mentioned before, bull crap. Here are some of the fantastic ladies that will be teaching you, you may have heard of them a time or two 😉 I’ll tag them so you can check them out if you haven’t before!

The Healthy Maven (.)
In It For The Long Run (.)
Crazy Richards (yes, the peanut butter!) (.)
Love Grown (the delicious bean cereal) (.)
The Toasted Pine Nut (.)
The Well Necessities (.) love her.
& Run To The Finish (.)

The craziest part of it all is how cheap you can get it for, haha, seriously. It is well over $4000 and the creator sold it for $129. Yeah, that’s for real guys. That is only working about 10 hours at minimum wage; give or take for different places in the world. I am a super penny pincher and that fact that I bought it is a miracle. Take that as a testimony in and of itself. I don’t want you to buy something you don’t fully understand though so, comment below, shoot me an email, message me or whatever you need to do to get some more information on this summit.

I hope that you decide to do something for yourself today because you so deserve it. This is one of the best (small) investments you can make for your business. I can’t wait to see you blogging away <3

Here are links for your different options:

Food Entrepreneur Summit
Shake Your Money Maker (5-day challenge)
Blogger Summer Camp

p.s. people always ask where I get my amazing planner from so, here you go! This planner is literally a game changer and with my link you will get a special discount 🙂 You’re on your way! I am stoked for you. Be sure to keep your head up and your worries down because ain’t nobody got time for that. You’re awesome.

This is the host site I use. You can 25% off when you use my link (click below)



this post contains affiliate links that i make a small portion off when you sign up! this doesn’t charge you extra – it only gives me a small percentage for sharing the good news!



Have you ever wanted to make money from home, make your own schedule and LOVE what you do for work? Me too. That's why I did this.

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After two months of working with Ashlee, we got pregnant. She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and...


PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women


After two months of working with Ashlee, we got pregnant. She's kind, diligent and truly invested in my family and health. We tried for over a year to get pregnant with no luck after our first baby. I definitely recommend!
My back pain literally left, my puffy arms toned up and now I'm able to chase my baby boy around....


PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women


My back pain literally left, my puffy arms toned up and now I'm able to chase my baby boy around. HOLY CRAP, I was hesitant to implement the changes Ashlee always talked about on her Instagram stories (which led me to work 1:1 with her). Thank you Ashlee, from the bottom of my heart.
My skin feels good, looks good and I'm confident about the non-toxic products I have in my bathroom now. Ashlee,...


PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women


My skin feels good, looks good and I'm confident about the non-toxic products I have in my bathroom now. Ashlee, thank you for teaching me everything you know. I adore you.
PCOS, Thyroid and Hormones Wellness for Women
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