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A (shallow) Dive into EMFs. What they are, where they are and how to avoid them.

First off, what are EMFs? If you haven’t heard of the dangers of EMF yet, I’m so glad you’re here. What you’re about to read can change your life and help you and your family to start finally feeling good again. Take it from me, three autoimmune diseases and chronic pain for a majority of my life pushes me to try anything. Man, am I glad I did because my journey wasn’t easy.

And just to let you know, this is a pretty surface level post. If you’re interested in more in-depth posts on EMFs join my email list so you’re the first to know when I publish them (this month is a whole EMF series so, I will publish a new post on EMFs each week).

photo of a hand holding a phone saying "how can I protect my family from EMFs and what are EMFs"

What are EMFs?

EMF stands for electromagnetic frequencies or (EMR: electromagnetic radiation). They are a form of man-made radiation that’s damaging to our health and the environment. They are labeled as a “possible human carcinogen” (may cause cancer) and can negatively impact your health and quality of life. If you ask me, they’re carcinogenic. I mean, you don’t have to be too deep under a rock to understand that.

We are electric beings so, to say massive amounts of constant pulsing radiation isn’t going to effect us is complete ignorance and just sick.

There are two types of EMF (from Wellness Mama):

Low frequency EMF radiation: lower frequencies than visible light and are non-ionizing radiation. Examples include EMFs from microwave ovens, computers, visible light, smart meters, WiFi, cell phones, Bluetooth, power lines, and MRIs. This is what our solar panels put off (I know.. I know)

High frequency EMF radiation: higher frequencies than visible light, which are ionizing radiation. Examples include ultraviolet (UV) light, X-Rays, and Gamma rays.

What if there's a cell tower by my home? What are EMFs

Where are they?

EMFs are found all over the place, unfortunately. It’s pretty impossible to escape them in our fast-paced, convenience-demanding society and things will likely get worse. BUT there are things you can do to protect yourself, more on this at the end of this post. Here’s where EMFs are found:

  • cell phones
  • cell towers
  • antennas
  • computers
  • smart watches
  • smart TVs
  • fitness trackers
  • chargers
  • wireless earbuds
  • baby monitors (ruh roh)
  • light bulbs
  • airplanes
  • & the list goes on

Basically, if it puts off a signal or is plugged into a wall, it’s puts off EMF.

Photo of a phone, computer, plant and coffee mug. Talking about the importance of "what are EMFs"

What do they do?

If you’ve ever wondered, “what are EMFs and what can do they me to you and my health”, this is priceless information. They mess with our biology at a cellular level and can change our DNA and cause it to mutate (cancer causing).

Health “experts” and schools (that are usually funded by large organizations or telecommunications industries are the ones behind the studies therefore- there is always some kind of fox guarding the hen house. Do you sense the corruption yet? Instead, look to sources like this.

Negative effects of EMFs

  • poor sleep
  • low libido
  • infertility
  • buzzing
  • neurological issues
  • headaches
  • brain fog
  • food allergies
  • seasonal allergies
A photo with a long list of conditions associated with non native electromagnetic frequencies (nnemf) talking about " what are EMFs "
from my dear friend, Dr. Allie from

How to avoid them

First and foremost, if there’s anything I can get you to do today it’s to keep your devices OFF OF YOUR BODY. For all things in this life that matter, keep them off of your body. This means no phones in bras, ladies. Fellas, keep your phone out of your pockets (they’re right beside your testicles and can lower sperm count). Laptops off your lap, workaholics. 

  • keep your devices off of your body
  • unplug devices at night
  • turn of WIFI and Bluetooth unless you’re using it
  • keep your phone on airplane mode when possible
  • ground your internet with cables (modem and router)
    • you can get a grounded cord for your phone too
  • turn your wifi off on your computer while you’re doing non-wifi related tasks
  • digital detox, babe! do it!
  • get a mouse and keyboard (going old school)
  • have them remove your smart meter, like yesterday
  • get a shutoff switch
  • keep your head and bed away from outlets and electrical boxes
Wifi puts of EMF and electromagnetic radiation

FAQs (I am publishing a post on all the common question I get about EMFs – join my email list to be notified)

Topics like: negative effects of EMF exposure, are EMFs harmful and EMF and hormones.

Protect yourself from EMFs 

Here are products you can use at home to recuse your exposure to EMFs. Head here for my amazon shop of EMF protecting products + books.

If you ever have skeptics or family members/friends that ask you ” what are EMFs ” just send them to this post. You’re amazing and way ahead of the game for even being here. This will be the talk of the next decade.

picture of a phone with a black background saying "what are EMFs let's find out"

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  1. Maggie says:

    Hey Ashlee, the link to your Amazon shop does not work- it just takes me to the Amazon home page. Is that still active? I’d love to see your EMF blocking recommendations!

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