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Holistic Wellness Holiday Gifts (2022)

If you’re looking for the best holistic wellness holiday gifts, this is the guide for you. I have spent the last 8 years curating well-crafted and responsibly made items for you to add to your list this year. Let gifting be a thing of peace rather than a thing of stress and confusion. ALSO, let it be a time for you to responsibly and ethically use your money for good on brands and products that are actually designed to help you be well.

Crafting An Intentional Gift

Gifting is something I always see as a blessing because it’s a time I get to intentionally craft something for the ones I love and appreciate. For me, it’s not a “crap, gotta go to amazon because I forgot Christmas is in 6 days” kinda thing. If that’s you, I feel you. I was there for a lot of my life but was fortunate enough to have the realization that THIS is not what gifting is about. Instead, I asked “how can I bless the heck out of someone I love?”. I’ve always loved giving gifts but now it’s even more special.

Throughout the year I listen when I’m with friends and family for the little “oh I love that” or “I could really use one of those”. They are so excited each year when they see I was listening and crafted a perfect gift for them rather than *quick running to the store* to get something just for something’s sake.

My curated holistic wellness holiday gifts

Over the last 8 years I have found some of the most incredible people with the most incredible products. From tallow balms to beeswax candles to ceramics, this guide will cover a little bit of everything. Best of all, it’s from small businesses that care about you and your health. They create their products so they can be a part of your healing journey, how amazing?!

I’ll list them all here and then break them down into sections below based on who you’re buying for.

Mom, Sister, Wife, Daughter

// Beeswax candles (code SIMPL10) from Wellness by Ari. I love the Forest Romance, Lavender Vanilla and her seasonal offerings. I also love her unscented ones since I’m not a big essential oils fan. You can also purchase a candle making kit which would be perfect for a gift.

// Tallow everything from my friend Christy. Absolutely anything from Pure Couer is perfect for any woman in your life. Her products are thoughtfully crafted and made with the most pure and wonderful ingredients. I love her oil cleanser and fleur tallow. I also use the magnesium butter daily for me and the little guy.

// Bare Naked Hormones course and Women’s Wellness blend by yours truly. My course is designed for women in all walks of life. If you have hormones and a pulse, it’s for you. If you know a woman in your life that is striving after wellness, what a wonderful gift for her. You can read more about the wellness blend I crafted, here.

// Barefoot shoes from Lems are my favorite barefoot boots! I have the waterproof leather Boulder Boot and 10/10 recommend.

// Rejuvenating Flo mask from Forever Healthy is one of my favorites to lather on before I read a book or hop in the bath. My friend Noelle makes these and they’re so wonderfully crafted! They’re perfect for an in-home spa night, mother-daughter date or just solo.

// Kossma Beauty makes the most wonderful hydrosols and handcrafted skincare products. Her New Moon Serum, Marshmallow Hydrosol and Purely Potent C are my favorites!

// Wooden recipe book from Honey the Wood. I ordered myself this custom recipe book for all the wonderful recipes I create and also ones I love so much I write down. It is so beautiful and completely sustainably made in the Ukraine.

// Organic textiles from robes to PJs to bedding and bath, my friend Marci created a beautiful collection of sustainable goods that are beautiful in the home and on you! I love her sheets set and her clothing is so comfortable.

Our holistic holiday gift guide is the perfect way to treat your family this year while keeping health in mind!

Dad, Brother, Husband, Son

// Tallow lip balm, tallow coffee soap or the magnesium butter from Pure Coeur. My husband loves a good bar soap and this one doesn’t strip moisture from your skin. He keeps the tallow balm in the car for the colder months.

// Faherty makes the most functional and sustainable organic clothing that my husband LOVES. He uses them to attend weddings and shoot wedding (videographer) so you can see her versatile they are.

// Barefoot shoes from Lems. My husband has the leather Boulder Boot. They’re functional, comfortable and stylish!

// Wellness tracker. I got my husband the Oura ring for his birthday and he loves it. It has airplane mode so you can track without EMFs. He loves the sleep tracking capabilities and the readiness score it gave him daily.

// This isn’t technically only for men so everyone can hop in BUT my husband does love their Instagram and all of their videos. They’re a hoot and this would be a priceless investment. We recently enrolled in their membership.

Children (so cute)

/// These natural linen and hemp baskets are our absolute favorite for going foraging in the forest, looking for rocks, walking along streams or picking fruit. Our little guys absolutely loves his ‘Grow With Me‘ basket she custom made for us.

// Mini red-light (code SIMPL) reading light for those evening reading sessions. We love this little clip on reading light and it’s affordable for anyone.

// Ten Little barefoot and zero drop shoes for the kids! My little one LOVES shoes (like has an actual obsession and every box that arrives at the house *must* be shoes for him); it’s so funny. But we have the Everyday Sandal and the Rain Boots for him. They’re phthalate and PVS free alongside free of many other harmful chemicals. They also make non toxic toys. They’re a brand worth checking out.

// Wooden non toxic toy memberships are a really really cool zero waste option for your kids. Love Every is the best one I have found. They send age appropriate toys and you that you can customize. Most children’s toys are made of straight JUNK materials that are toxic and leaching xenoestrogens onto your little ones.

baby barefoot shoes with zero drop for their perfect little feet

For Everyone

// Linen and rope. Beautiful hand-crafted apron, rope handbags and items for the home. Her shop is impressive and I love every piece she creates. I have her gathering basket, letter holder and large basket.

// Blue light blocking glasses (code SIMPLHOLISTIC) for the entire family! They make male, female and kids frames. These are a great gift for anyone that spends any amount of time indoors, on devices or with lights on when the sun goes down soo.. everyone!

// Herbal powders for the family. My friend Alyssa with Root & Bones makes has a carefully curated collection of herbal powders. My husband loves the Deer Antler Velvet and the Cordyceps, I love ALL of them (literally, take them daily) and the little guy loves his Reishi Pearl hot chocolates I make him.

// Organic Olivia herbal tinctures and teas are something we always have on hand in our “farmacy”. My husband has the Sleep Juice, Brain Juice and Peace Juice daily. I love the herbal teas, Flowers for My Love and Elderberry Immune Elixir. Then, we have Mighty Minerals for the little guy.

// Organic mattresses are a must-have for a healthy home. Conventional ones off-gas and contain formaldehyde (what!). We have the mini crib mattress (that we don’t use haha), the King EOS and the Queen in our guest room. We also have a custom mattress in our van from Naturepedic. (code HOLISTIC25 for Happsy) (Code SIMPL15 for Naturepedic).

// Red light devices (code SIMPL) from Gembared are a perfect gift for anyone. You can buy a mini for the kids, a large panel for the bedroom and even reading lights. We have their strip lights in the van, a little reading light and the panel in our bedroom.

// Non toxic cookware (code SIMPL) for the home from Xtrema has everything from tea kettles to bakeware to cookware. We love their Versa Skillet, Retro Tea Kettle and their baking dishes.

The One That’s Always Learning

Walking in Wellness Guide (code SIMPLHOLISTIC)

Bare Naked Hormones Course

MoveU Membership

Circadian Reset Program

I hope you loved our best holistic wellness holiday gifts and that you get to give your family the best gifts this year. If you have any questions, drop them below. Be blessed!

holiday wellness gifts for 2022

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