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My CURED Autoimmune Conditions (pt 2

So here we are, doing all the “right things” and still dealing with autoimmune conditions. If you didn’t read the first part of this 2 part post, I recommend you do so here.

Walking the rough and tumble path

As I mentioned in part 1, I don’t really want anyone to have to take the path I did. It was rocky, up and down and suppppperrr difficult. Of course, you will experience your own versions of those things but if I can do anything to negate some of the ill effects, I will do so.

If you haven’t already learned, all the different fad diets and elimination diets are really going to solve the problem at hand. At least I learned that. I knew none of them ever seemed right but I was desperate so I went onto the next one and the next and the next. It sucked but I was persistent and hopeful.

All throughout, there were a few things I always kept as my foundations and I will lay those out below. That kept me from eating complete crap-filled non-dairy milks or going down the soy burger road (my gosh, revolting). It kept me from seeking wild replacements for foods I couldn’t have and from further causing harm to my already fragile and seeking-help body.

My foundations through it all

  1. organic
  2. gum-free
  3. gmo-free
  4. soy-free
  5. no natural flavors
  6. no carrageenan
  7. no conventional animals products, ever
  8. always as close to nature as possible
  9. no dyes/artificial anything
  10. no sugar alcohols

You can see how these foundations kept a bunch of junk out of my mouth even on a diet like the keto diet that is riddled with gut irritating gums and sugar alcohols. It’s easy to understand how a soy burger milk or some canola-filled oat milk wasn’t an option when I couldn’t tolerate dairy.

I now know the massive amounts of nut and seed products + sunflower oil filled organic chips wasn’t helpful but I was doing what I could with what I knew.

Doing it all but still sick with autoimmunity

This is when it got really frustrating. I was eating 100% organic, non-gmo, making my own nut milks, never any preservatives, no plastic, etc. BUT I WAS STILL SO DANG SICK. Here’s what that looked like for me; even when I was “doing everything”:

  • crazy hair loss
  • skin breaking out
  • extreme puffiness / water retention
  • muscle cramps and aches
  • extreme back pain
  • debilitating hip pain
  • no libido
  • inability to handle any stressors
  • cold cold cold extremities always
  • 94-95 F body temp daily
  • white toes and fingers in the cold
  • inability to tolerate cold, at all
  • dry and cracked skin in winter
  • irregular periods
  • unexplained infertility
  • post menopausal levels of progesterone
  • estrogen dominance

Okay, you get the point. That’s a lot of stuff going on for someone who mitigates EMF, uses the top notch water filter, showers in filtered water and takes 100% whole food organic supplements.. right? That’s what I thought, too.

This is why I knew I hadn’t arrived in a place that was actually nourishing my health.

I still couldn’t consume or even touch gluten without getting “glumps” all over my body. I was bloated 24/7 and in such pain wherever there is a joint in my body.

Fast forward to what worked

All of the things I did contributed to some sort of relief at one point or another. Okay, I am not diminished the value of temporarily eliminating foods that are causing you much digestive or other distress. But it wasn’t until I STOPPED, UNPLUGGED and UNLEARNED that I started actually healing.

Rapid healing. No more hair loss, haven’t been bloated in years, all pain gone and I even got pregnant after being told I “probably just won’t have kids”. Yeah, it’s a big deal. What’s the magic? There is none. It’s a total and complete lifestyle change that’s supportive of your cells and your natural physiology. It’s a lifestyle overhaul that loves on your hormones and your thyroid daily. You have to assess your life and see what’s in the way and consciously decide to remove it; for good. And if you aren’t will to do that – my friend – you will never experience type of freedom and health. I knew I didn’t have to continue on with these autoimmune conditions.

This type of lifestyle looks like:

  • eating for mineral density
  • eating for nutrient density
  • putting nutrient back into my body I have stripped for so so so many years
  • giving myself extra support in times of stress
  • foraging and making food from what I find
  • knowing your farmer and sourcing from them
  • getting out of the system and becoming dependent on yourself and your community
  • understanding how to actually read labels or buy foods that don’t have them at all
  • drinking water that’s as close to the way God designed it as possible
  • eliminated household toxins
  • spending as much time in nature as you possible can
  • unplugging from devices for the sake of your mind and health + the EMF and blue light don’t help
  • eating nose to tail animal foods
  • eating the foods as close to you as possible (seasonal)
  • taking control of your stressors and removing the ones you can
  • seeking community that supports you and motivates you to be well
  • breathing fresh healing mountain, ocean, river, forest air
  • supplement very strategically after you’ve done all the rest

It’s not a “hey, here’s what you do”. It depends on you, your journey and what your personal needs are.

This probably isn’t what you were looking for

I get that this probably isn’t the post you have been waiting 2 years for. You were hoping for a complete road map to healing. A step-by-step guide to how Ashlee cured her celiac, rheumatoid arthritis, hashimotos, PCOS and infertility. I don’t really think I could even write that out for you to be honest. That’s a gift the people close to me get to hear through months and months of conversations and observing the way I live my life. It happened in a rhythm and cycle at which I was ready to take in the information and apply it to my life. I don’t have a 1, 2, 3 guide for you but I do have some pointers below for you. I wouldn’t leave you hanging like that 🙂

For all the troubleshooting on autoimmune conditions, this is when you can work with me or another practitioner 1:1 or enroll in my Bare Naked Hormones Course. You’ve gotten this much for free 😉

What I did to cure my incurable autoimmune conditions

Remember, celiac = incurable. Hashimotos = lifetime of medication. Rheumatoid arthritis = genetic, you’re stuck with it. Autoimmune conditions are fate. Right? WRONG. I have the labs and the markers to show it. I once had a gut lining resembling a strainer. Now it’s tight, sealed and absorbing the nutrients I give my body daily. I couldn’t hardly breath air that had gluten in it, now I am consuming properly prepared sourdough products (and apparently giving myself stomach cancer as the instagram trolls warn). My pain is gone, no rheumatoid arthritis. Those shark tooth-shaped bone spurts cutting my bursa sack open, gone. Turns out it was major calcification, system wide. I have none of it. Even the doctors said it… wow. Doctors. Oh yeah, these are all in one for me, not in any particular order.

The goods

First, I removed what I had control of like the contaminant in water via a water filter, swapped all household toxins (beauty, shower, laundry, cleaning, pet, etc.), choose very carefully what goes into my body every single bite and drink I consume, get the first morning sun in my naked eyes daily, mitigate and avoid nnEMF whenever I have control, spend as much time outside as possible with my bare feet on the earth, laugh and move freely often (dancing!).

Next, remineralize my body with strategic minerals based on my personal needs. I know this by taking an HTMA and Full Monty Iron Panel + symptoms. I get in non-synthetic minerals and nutrients like magnesium, potassium, boron, calcium, sodium, retinol, vitamin E, copper, vitamin K + many other trace elements from food first then, supplements. I’ll break down the specifics below.

And more goods

Then, I eat for nutrient density in the form of seasonal nose-to-tail food. There is no “junk food” there is only “food” and “junk”. I don’t have a place or desire for junk in my diet. I am simply not interested; for many reasons. For health, for not supporting conglomerates that don’t give a whip about my health and for the planet. I source my food carefully to make sure the “potassium filled fruit” actually contains potassium because if the soil doesn’t have potassium, the fruit doesn’t either.

Lastly, breathing deeply, jumping in cold lakes, laughing with my family, spending meaningful time with those I love, unsubscribing from the noise and truly taking control of my health. Meeting new like-minded friends and teaching them / learning from them. Building a community that’s supportive. Now, that’s what gives life.

What I did – the details

  • I dove into the research of Morley Robbins and the Root Cause Protocol and enrolled in the RCP Consulting program to further my education
  • consulted with the Root Cause Clinic (code SIMPL) (different than the root cause protocol ^)
  • I started the RCP and began to remineralize my body and get rid of excess iron I had been accumulating for many years (birth control, iron fortified foods, fear, etc.)
    • magnesium > real salt, magnesium supplement (code NGSIMPL), magnesium spray, epsom salt in baths, magnesium bicarbonate (code SIMPL10)
    • potassium (5000 mg / day) > fruit, potassium bicarbonate, adrenal cocktail powder (code SIMPL10), aloe, coconut water, raw dairy, meat, seafood
    • boron > borax in baths, boron drops, boron filled foods
    • copper > beef liver, chlorophyll
    • silica > diatomaceous earth
    • herbal powders > Root & Bones makes all the mushroom and herbal powders I consume daily for minerals and further support
  • I began consuming beef liver and chlorophyll and bee pollen
  • focus on supplements that matter
  • raw milk, cultured dairy, fermented sourdough and foraged suntea is a daily routine
  • eating enough food because under-eating is a major source of stress on the body
  • morning sunrise, daily and time outside throughout the day
  • regular movement and activity: hiking, walking 3-5 miles a day, backpacking, swimming, etc.

I created an entire course covering these last two posts in great depth. I recommend you enroll and start taking control of your health.

All of this supports the body so there is no further need for rapid detoxes or cleanses that force open pathways that are closed for a reason. Remember, if your body is experiencing autoimmune conditions, it’s stressed and needs some loving. You need to support your body and let it do what it is designed to do. But remember, it won’t do some things like detox if it doesn’t feel safe. It will sequester toxins if detoxification isn’t working properly. Stop forcing your body to do things like ovulate or create a life when it can do it on its own with the correct raw materials and support.

I never did anything forceful to get my progesterone up like supplementing progesterone. Never went on medication for my thyroid even though “I had to”. I didn’t force the healing of my autoimmune conditions.

Think about the perfect design of your body if you’re feeling stuck. Ask why it couldn’t heal itself.. Good l luck friend.

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