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My CURED Autoimmune Conditions (pt 1)

Here is the long-awaited post on my cured autoimmune conditions. Before I get started, if you haven’t heard me talk about this before you may be like “what the” but the fact is the fact and I cured “incurable” autoimmune conditions. If that triggers you, you may need to do some further thinking and ask why you believe these perfectly designed bodies are incapable of healing. Ask yourself WHY you think we can’t heal. If it’s because of a medical establishment or something your doctor told you, I encourage you to look into the history of medical establishments and schools. Follow the funding, the donors and you will quickly see why we are told these things. If we are taught to believe we can’t heal, we won’t heal. If we don’t heal, they keep making their money. It’s simple.

But if you’re still stuck, I really really hope you will believe in the power your body has to heal when you give it the raw materials it needs. If you’re an ass, I’ll block you in a second. If you bring others down, you’ll receive the same consequence.


My CURED Autoimmune Conditions (pt 1)

Long and short on my healing journey

If you haven’t read my posts on my healing journey you can start here, here and here. I was raised in America on the standard American diet and lifestyle. Doritos, pepto bismol, Tang, Capri Suns, Totinos pizza and you get the drift. I was extremely active as a kid. In all the sports, events, etc. I was “healthy” as a kid but looking back, asthma, reliance on NyQuil to sleep, diminishing eye site and constant tummy aches are oh so common but not normal.

I was always complaining about something and some even called me a hypochondriac but when I look back I see that I was somehow in tune with my body even though I knew nothing about it. Nobody in my family was really health conscious for the most part. I had no major influence or role model to teach me about physiology, anatomy and biology. I would complain about my back or hip or skin and my mom would take me into the doctor and they’ve give me steroid cream, accutane, birth control and X-rays. None of which ever did anything for me.

14 years old in an 80 year olds body?

Fast forward to 14. I was on birth control for acne, had horrible horrible hip pain, my back was always aching, I slept only because of NyQuil, I’d wake with my nose entirely crusted over, I felt pain-free only in tropical climates.. was I 80? Then, I got diagnosed with the issues:

  • osgood schlatter
  • bone spurs in my hip
  • bursitis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • leaky gut
  • celiac
  • hashimotos

They even found a lump in my breast at some point and sent me in the direction of a breast cancer specialize. Cool, huh? All at 14-16 years old. Eventually, my body reached a breaking point and in pointe class one day I collapsed to the floor. My body said, “dude, I can’t do this anymore”. I was a semi-professional dancer on my way to college with full-ride scholarships. Dance had become my idol so, when I no longer could dance.. what was I to do?

Think? Learn? Reflect? That’s just what I did. I knew something was wrong but I didn’t even have the knowledge to think about organic, chemical-free, non-toxic, etc. How would I know? I did small things like stopped eating pepperoni because I linked that to the acid reflux I was having. Then, I asked my aunt what I should prioritize on labels and she told me to remember the labels “high fructose corn syrup”, “partially hydrogenated oils” and “if it’s longer than 3 lines, don’t get it”. I would repeat those over and over in my head until I remembered them so I could look for them at the store and avoid them.

My love for kauai

I was still sick, puffy, face fill of acne, in pain and unsure of what to do. I stopped going to doctors because I knew they’d do nothing for me. Then, I decided to graduate early and go help a friend with her kids in Kauai. I was there for a month and it changed my life, forever. I unintentionally healed after just a month of being there, eating well and being in the ocean and sun. My friends are very crunchy, very very crunchy (like I am now haha) and my diet went from S.A.D. to gluten-free, refined sugar-free, oil-free, mostly plant-based and whatever meat + fish we could get locally on the island.

The withdrawals I had from sugar we nuts. Looking back, it was like the MSG, fluoride and other neurotoxins I had ingested for the last 17 years of my life. I would have to shovel back dates in order to keep myself sane. I had a stash of thin mint cookies and haribou gummy bears in my suitcase; incase I got real desperate. By the end of the month though, I couldn’t even consider ingesting another one of those things. I dumped them all in the garbage before I flew home.

How could my pain go away?

How could I feel good?

How could I sleep so well?

All without really doing anything intentionally. It was crazy.

Back to Alaska

My time in Kauai was over (for now) and I flew back to Alaska. I had a few things I couldn’t go back to eating – like Doritos – but I still didn’t fully believe in my mind that it was all about the food. I tried a few old favorites and BAM the pain came right back. It was that moment – black and white – I made a lifestyle change that has continued for almost 10 years already. I am forever thankful for the food, ocean, air, sky and people God placed in my life so I could experience healing and life as we all should.

My friends and family thought I was nuts. They would get annoyed and frustrated with me and the mocking was never ending but it did not phase me. I could NOT be swayed. I was all in. And I am still that way if you know me 😉

Trial and Error

From the time I made those changes (17) to the time I was 23, I went through many trial and error situations. A list of what I didn’t try would be shorter but here’s how it looked:

  • paleo
  • keto
  • fasting
  • intermittent fasting
  • juice cleanse
  • master cleanse
  • low carb
  • green juice
  • calorie restriction (unintentionally)
  • AIP
  • refined sugar free
  • grain free
  • dairy free

You name it, I tried it. I knew what it felt like to experience wellness but after I moved back to the mainland, stress came, illness set in and I was chasing relief all hours of the day. Looking back, the reason I felt so amazing in Kauai is because I went from eating grade a SHIT to nourishing food. Of course I would feel good, but that wouldn’t be enough to heal 17 years of damage accrued in my body.

Healing takes time and that’s what the 17-23 year old phase of my life showed me. But instead of taking the path I took, in the next post I will lay out the path I wish I would have been shown. To avoid all the random diets and downing of snack bars for a meal. YUCK.

Onto the next phase.

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