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2023 Wellness Black Friday Deals

So I’m keeping it simple because I don’t want to overwhelm you. Here are some of my favorite wellness deals going on.

I am not a black friday fan but I know it helps many of you to purchase things you’ve been saving for / wouldn’t be able to otherwise.

So, take it easy and invest in what you truly need 🙂 I’ve broken them down by Good, Better, Best.

Water Systems

  •  Aquatru Water Purifier  : 11/8-12/7 – a variety of deals, just checkout the website (my codes embedded in this link)
    • the water filter has a new glass caraffe system and we LOVE it


  • Sauna Space : 11/8-12/7 – up to 30% off (code SIMPLHOLISTIC)

Air Quality

  •  Air doctor air purifier : 11/8-12/7 – $400+ off, just checkout the website (my codes embedded in this link)
    • they have different sizes for different spaces in your home, apartment, dorm room, office, etc

Skin Care

  • BEST Kossma Beauty : normal Black Friday sale (code coming Thanksgiving morning)
    • sovereign salve & hydrosols are great to have on hand

Tech Safety

  • BEST Ra Optics Bluelight Blockers : up to 30% off site-wide
    • we have their wallace frames, you can get day or night glasses and they have kids glasses
  • BEST:  Gembared Red Light Devices : 11/25-11/30 (code SIMPL)
    • we have their panel and reading light + the strips in our van
  • BEST: Tech wellness : 11/20-11/26
    • safer tech devices and equipment
    • 15% off holiday sets 11/20
    • air tubes and kill switch > buy 2 get one 50% off, buy 3 get one free: 11/24-11/26


  • BEST Viori Bars : BOGO for their bars (code SIMPL10)
    • they use ancient practices to make their shampoo and conditioner bars with fermented rice 
    • my husband has been LOVING them for the dry scalp he was experiencing + nourished hair feeling


  • BEST Pact : All the goods (code SIMPL)
    • i basically love everything they have (bedding, clothes, kids clothes, bath, husband clothes, etc) we’re obsessed


  • BETTER:  Happsy : 20% off site-wide (code HOLISTIC25) + free pillows
    • we have their queen in our guestroom + it’s what we had in the van
    • their pillows are awesome 
  • BEST Naturepedic : 20% off site-wide + extra freebies with certain purchases (code SIMPL15)
    • we have their EOS king mattress + pillows and they also sent us a kids mattress
    • we also use their mattress protectors which are an absolute no-brainer
  • BEST Savvy Rest : 20% off site-wide: 11/23 -11/30
    • we have their shredded latex pillows + body pillow


BEST: Perfect Supplements: ends 11/16 25% off site-wide

  • glyphosate-residue free products
  • gelatin, collagen, chlorella are the ones we stock up on
  • they also have desiccated liver and acerola cherry powder I recommend
  • my code SIMPL stacks for an extra 10% off

BEST: Organic Olivia up to 30% off

  • organic
  • glycerine based
  • brain juice, peace juice, mane magic, bitters
  • her teas are lovely as well


  • Paleo Valley : 11/-24-12/1: up to 35% off + free mystery gift
    • really delicious meat sticks and a great whole food c supplement
  • Force of Nature: 15% off bundles + free hat & free shipping
    • details coming soon
  • Xtrema Cookware: 11/17-11/19: see below for different sales
    • 17th – 40% off + free shipping (you’ll need password bfbetter to enter the site)
    • 18th-19th 30% off
    • stack my code SIMPL for extra savings, always
    • we have their tea kettle, traditions skillets, versa skillet and pots

Courses/Online Services

 Thrive Institute 11/20-11/26: BOGO safety courses like CPR

  • i love their courses + you get certified and they are great for moms, dad, caretakers & basically anyone

 Root Cause Protocol Institute : early bird pricing right now + $250 off with a code 250OFF

  • very intense but amazing for learning more about cells, illness, mitochondria, etc.

 Wild Woman’s Hormones Ebook $30

  • an “always black friday” price – my hormones ebook
  • then, stay tuned for the annual january sale on my online course Bare Naked Hormones

Enjoy saving money 🙂


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