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Hey friends! I am sure you all know what is about to drop, Valentines Day. The day that you either LOVE, hate or really don’t care about (

If you take a little stroll down the grocery aisles you will see:
a) lots of chocolate
b) lots of stuffed animals
c) lots of candy grams
d) all of the above
This hallmark holiday has taken the money and companies sure know how to suck you into buying their products. Seriously, there have been kids from age 5 to age 95 buying little sweet treats for their lovers since the 17th century. Oh man, how could I forget the beloved flowers and fragrances, those are on the top of the chart as well. Anyways, I am going to break down some things for you today and give you some cleaner/healthier options for capturing the heart of your lover, dog or (yourself).

a) Chocolate – WHOA! Now I have your attention. Chocolate seems to be a favorite of most people and you surely will get kudos if you bring a huge chocolate heart home for your love on valentines day. For me though, if my husband brought home a giant dove/hershey’s chocolate heart I might croak over and cry/die. Seriously, I am that dramatic & no, I am not going to be crying or dying from excitement. Chocolate is one of those foods that is a “need” in our country and a luxury in other countries. Did you know that there are still companies that use slaves to get you that hunk of brown gold? Did you know that the people growing the beans have probably never even seen the end product of those beans? Not to mention, chocolate is probably at least 5 or 6 ingredients down on the product label with HFCS, sugar, soy lecithin, milk powder and artificial flavorings taking the first spots.

b) stuffed animals – For the love of cuteness, not these too! Yep, sorry to break it to you but your stuffed animals is most likely filled with all sorts of environmental and neurotoxins. Lead, cadmium, phthalates, PVC and BPA are all common toxins found in children’s toys and stuffed animals. So, I know you are thinking “why does this matter, my kid/myself isn’t eating this stuffed animal?”. If you have a baby the chances are high that this toy will at some point make contact with his/her mouth. If you have a pet, chances are high that this toy will either be licked and/or ripped apart. Plus, even if you aren’t eating the toy, it is going to be touching your skin which is the largest organ of your body.

c) candy grams – Oh man, I’m that girl that is about to tall about food coloring and recycling. What did you expect? These elementary favs are probably the worst. They are filled with GMOs, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, HFCS and other unhealthy junk. Yes, moderation moderation moderation, I know. But when your child has 27 classmates, all with a candy gram to give, that is not moderation folks. Be that parent/nanny that sends your kids to school with Justins, AlterEco, Surf Sweets or some other chemical-free sweets!

So, now that I have bashed the Valentine’s industry to the max, I cannot send you off without some alternative options! Keep scrolling down and find my top Valentine’s treats.

1. Sweet treats – I love this section because basically everyday is Valentine’s for me. I am a chocolate lover sooo maybe that’s why I think Valentine’s is overrated. Here are some of the goods: Eating Evolved Banana Chocolate Cups, Two Moms Chocolate Truffles, Justins Dark Chocolate PB Cups, Theo Chili Dark Chocolate & Honey Mamas Coconut Cacao Nib Bar. Then, finish it off with a Mocha Rebbl (daannggg).

2. The Go-To – What could it be?? Gift cards! Here are the top places to grab your health nut a gift card. Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, Synergy Organic Clothing, Thrive Market, Amazon (they have all the things), Local Co-op, Pressed Juicery, basically anywhere that has some clean options!

3. Everything else – These gifts will be all over the place, hold on! Jewelry – Brilliant Earth. Nice clothes – Synergy. Tennis shoes – nike. Kitchen – bullet, vitamix, immersion blender, copper mugs, bamboo goods. Bath- Desert Essence lotion, Pacifica perfume, Weleda face oils, Cocokind oils. Last but not least, coupons. You know, the cute love coupons that you make yourself. Those always win.

Well, there you have it. My guide to a healthy & clean Valentine’s Day 💕💕 Be aure to comment some of your favorite treats & head over to my Instagram for more fun tips.

p.s. I do love my husband, here we are (:


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