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The Best Exercise for Hormone Balance

As the new year approaches it’s tempting to start thinking about resolutions and making big changes. To start exercising frantically after all the junk eaten during the holidays. Usually, that exercise takes the form of running on a treadmill or push-to-the-limit HIIT. Well, I’m here to tell you that those are the last things you want to be doing if you are seeking to heal. And I’m going to share with you the best exercise for hormone balance. + some fun new exercises for our new Mobility & Movement group coaching program launching in the new year!

Don’t Punish Yourself

So, the hard cardio workouts are not where it’s at. It can feel like you’re burning calories and achieving something healthy when sweat is pouring down your face. But, if you already have high cortisol levels (so common with hormone imbalance) then cardio is only raising it further! It is adding to the stress your body is already experiencing.

What’s Wrong With High Cortisol?

Pushing your cortisol levels to the limits will only backfire. Your body will become stuck due to stress and it will not lose weight. No matter how much time you spend at the gym. Intense cardio can actually break down lean muscle tissue. Not the result you’re looking for!

If you want to know exactly what raises cortisol, if your levels might be high, or what to do about it, my Bare Naked Hormones Course explains everything in detail!

So What Is The Best Exercise For Hormone Balance?

Weight lifting is actually the most pro-metabolic exercise you can do. Because it builds muscle, and muscle is pro-metabolic! Even so, you need to be careful if you already have high cortisol. Tracking temps and pulse is a great way to know for sure how your exercise regimen is affecting you. Learn exactly how and why to track your pulse and temp.

Another Great Exercise for Hormones?

Good old-fashioned walking! Aiming for 1-5 miles of gentle yet brisk walking or hiking a day is healing. Walking stimulates the lymphatic system and helps to reduce stress, or cortisol. Being out in nature, with sunlight in your eyes and on your skin, is also so good for your circadian health.

Be gentle with your body post-holidays and focus on rest and pro-metabolic nourishment to achieve your wellness goals.

Something New for Simplholistic

Another great form of movement that is essential to keeping your body from collapsing in on itself with the stress of life is simple mobility movement. We like to call it Nutritious Movement and it’s something we’ve been obsessed with since long before we began Simplholistic.

My husband is launching our first-ever mobility and movement program in January 2024! The perfect way to kickoff the new year. You will learn simple, specific and targeted movement strategies to keep your posture, fascia and joints well-supported and loved. This type of movement is overlooked by most people in the wellness space and something we have worked into our personal routines for years now!

You can get on the waitlist here!

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